TEMPLE DISTRICT-nicknamed by the local populace the holy rectangle, most of the cities temples lie within 600 feet of each other. The Temple District is broken into three parts. The first is Gods doorstep. This is where most of the support personnel live. The Temple district itself and Priesthaven.

The Holy Square is marked by the pillar of Heroes. The pillar of Heroes is kept eternally lit and is guarded by either paladins or Cavaliers of those orders who have them. The burial areas are multi-layer by design. The burial area is for those who have demonstrated service to Haverstan.

Temple of Tyr-The exterior is a light grey stone with wood trim. The roof is pitched. The temple walls are lead lined and the windows are glass-steeled. The temple is two
stories in height. The grounds are kept by some of the followers. The fence wall is about 10 feet in height and are from 10-30 feet feet from the structure. This is where Fletcher Crispus conducts business.
Helm-Helme-Severn Darkwine
Oghma-Three priests in residence, Cameron, Random, Richard
Deneir-Bescherm-Mercy Hopewell
Gond-Andrign-Luke the Tinkerer. The temple is somewhat of a eyesore in the God Square. Many of the priesthoods and others wish to have the Gond priests keep a much neater house.
Mystra-Majia-The Magnus Rex female elf named Thorolsaria and her retainers-Graeme Of Durstan human, a gnome named Hallingh and a human female named anna Thornside. On Shar 20 501 The Magnus is assassinated by who appears to be a legendary assassin that goes by the name of the Ice Falcon. She is unable to be raised.

The temple itself is of the inverted pyramid structure favored by Mystra. The Temple is Blue with white trim with the symbol of Mystra above the second level.



holy square


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