Shadows of Beldorn

The hills

Talos 11-16 500 4th age

The group was celebrating but “Tet” Magiercaulen needed to speak with the Magnus of his temple. The group left the celebration and went to the temple of mystra pf to speak. Tet went in humbly and asked about the magical items that he had found in the abandoned temple in Kemmin and that Caladrel was setting up to pull lothar away from his cave and reclaim the skulls. The Magnus was fine with the magical items and told the group of a ranger who could maybe help them along and that he could be found at the Waiting Arms tavern.

They met and found that his name wasDolgrin Magmaholder and had some knowledge of the area. The group left and covered the ground quickly. The group had decided on the shorter possibly more dangerous road through the hills so they could scout out the place. The trip through the hills was a little more than exciting. They found remains of animals that had been eaten by a Bulette, they saw the next day a hill giant bringing down a deer and finally at night a flying creature. They also saw from above the temple of Talos that they had cleared out of goblins but apparently humans were now infesting it. The flying creature came at night and took one of the humans at the temple and killed him and flew off to the east.

The group decided to settle in for the next couple of days to scout and prepare.



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