Shadows of Beldorn

crossing the land

Cyric 6-8 501 4th age

the group continued some of its discussion about what was happening. “Tet” Magiericaulen tried a sending spell to find Caladrel to see if he were still alive. What he got was a response that was confused and incoherent. The group had tried to contact Noah a Druid that they had met before to possibly aid them. He did show up and agreed to aid the group. He changed into a wolf to get the scent from Caladrels aid Ethell who had a piece of clothing. Noah then changed into a eagle and left to help find Caladrel.

The trip has mostly been uneventful except the group was attacked by a Chimera and Tets second attempt at sending also revealed that Caladrel seems to be haunted by those whom he has slain in the past. Noah has also been able to keep in contact and suggested that when they get to the Trawyn Forest that they contain the subclan leader of the Saelas Variel.



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