Welcome to the Pathfinder version of my setting Beldorn. It is primarily a chat game that is done on the penandpapergames.com site.

The setting is the land of Chimorrow, which is during this age a deadland. It was once a thriving kingdom that orginally was once ruled by the Priests of Mystra who were overthrown by wizards who controlled the kingdom until they were overthrown and the chaos that ensued thereafter cursing the country and causing its abandonment. There are however stories of treasure left behind.

At the edge of Chimorrow lies the Hollow leg Tavern, a place where adventurers meet to explore and gather treasure. There is on the wall a table top mounted to it. The table top is carved with a crude map of Chimorrow. There are indications of various places visited and notes about the table inquiring about expeditions and final last wills left by previous adventurers.

The owner of the Hollow Leg Tavern is a dwarf named Skrit Stonebreaker. He has been the owner for many years and is generally considered a good guy. He often loans money to adventurers for a small fee. He also has equipment for sale. For those bringing treasure back there is Mort the appraiser. He is a human who buys treasure off those who bring back treasures that they might not be able to use.

logo by cooltext.com art by Wayne Reynolds

The crude handmap at the Hollow leg Tavern



Shadows of Beldorn

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