woods to the north of haverstan

To the north of Haverstan, lies several large woods and mountainous terrain. The three southern forests are named by the people of Haverstan. These are from left to right. The Nybe Forest, the Vynyr Woods and the Trawyn.

The Vynyr woods are home to three different tribes of barbarian humans. The three tribes inhabit more than 750 square miles. The three tribes are the Bear, the wolf and the Falcon. The boundaries of each of the territories is separated by rivers which flow away from the Sambre River. The Wolves are the largest of the clans and are usually threatened by the others. The wolves clan population is about 1500. The others are about 900. The clans are are shaman ruled. The shamans are said to be able to shape change. Shamans are more like druids.

Trawyn-Music tree in elvish is held by one of the largest clans in the region. The Kanliss(eaglebreeze) have several subclans within the forest. There are over 1400 square miles within this forest. All the major elvish religions are represented as well as Silvanus. The elves have had conflict with the human barbarian tribes. The elvish population exceeds 1000 elves. At the center of the forest is a shrine where the heads of the clans meet twice a year to discuss coming things. The elvish clans tend to be ruled by priests or wizards. Warders, cooshies

Saekash- Fatewoods, Saevin stormwoods, Saelas Wildwood, Saedae-whitewoods, Saedam fair woods, Saetha-healing woods.

There are three major battle sites in the woods. Saetha is the Battle of the Glade. This is a major battle in the barbarian invasions some thousand years before. There is a large shrine that marks the site as well as a continual flame. The place is guarded. In Saelas, the battle of the 1000 oaks commerates the battle between the plains invaders and the elves about 500 years ago. The final site is the Saedae, the battle of the thousand spears.

Nye Forest is a Fey location. Many Fey creatures live in the area. There is also a lay line that sits in the middle of the woods. There is a spirit of the land creature mm2. There is a human druid and an a ½ elf witch who control most of the woods.
Mt Immelman is the home of the Longstone Clan. It is one of the successor clans to the Farovtek clan. It maintains few relations with the outside. The longstone clan is 6 generations of age and has about 300 dwarves living within its structure. The Longstone clan is a religious oligarchy. Moradin is the primary deity there.

Frathlin- a border town –Frathlin is a hodgepodge of buildings which have grown over the years. The town holds many folks who would not be welcome further south. There are some orcs and goblins who live there at the edges of the town. It is a meeting point for rangers who cover the northern territories as well as druids. The town uses a council to make the laws. There is one large wooden structure that is the basic government of the town. The council consists of three folks, wizard, fighter and bard.


woods to the north of haverstan

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