the witchkings were the name given to the rulers of Chimorrow during the third age. These witchkings ruled Chimorrow for a period of nearly a 1,000 years afer overthrowing the priests of Mystra who were the original rulers of the region. They themselves were overthrown by Arn the first at the end of the age.
The witchkings were broken into five orders, the order of the Scarlet, the order of the Bone, The order of the Grey, the order of the Night and the Order of the Shadow. These orders were much like schools, the witchkings and their followers also wore signature colors to show which order they belonged to.

Order of the Scarlet-Evokers. They dress in shades of scarlet. Dagger was the home of the order.
Order of the Shadow. their magics are different in that they deal with shadow. Tend to wear dark blue with light grey trims. Doomkeep was the home of the order.
Order of the Bone-Necromantic magic. Tend to wear colors that are bonelike. Stilletto is the home to order.
Order of the Grey-Illusions. Tend to wear greys. The order was centered at eagles nest
Order of the night-conjuring magic tend to wear black. The summoners used The Keep

there were other wizards but the orders were the highest in power and social standing.

members of these orders create a sense of unease in the general populace. +2 intimidate and it is a class skill.


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