Stilletto is the newest of the places of power. It was occupied by the order of the bone, the Necromancers of the wizard kings. Stilletto was built at the end of the 3rd age.

Descriptions of Stilletto vary but most describe a tower that is bonelike in appearance. It sits in a lower part of a chain of hills. Some describe the feeling of life being sucked out of them as they approach the place. The sense of dread and fear increase. The grounds around the structure take on a dead look, all gray and ashen.

One of the final kings of the order of the bone, Manfred decided to promote his power by sacrificing as many beings as he could. He had this troops gather people, mostly those who had nothing, but somehow others who had something but had made Manfred angry. The people, estimated to be at least one thousand by accounts, were tied together and chained to the ground. He started working about the first of the victims. He had a pond built. He put large lilies about the pond, most of them able to support a lightly framed person. Below some of them were spikes, so if the person jumped to the wrong lily pad, he or she would be impaled and slowly die. He picked and watched while eating and laughing about his victims. He then had several impaled on spikes. He practiced other forms of torture before finally being bored and just executed the rest.

He buried the dead so he would have a army to raise when he needed it.


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