plains to the east

The plains to the east of the mountains contain nomadic tribes of various humanoids. The plains last till the great river to the east. The Mohautan River is about three miles wide and divides the eastern part of the continent almost in half.

There are really two types of riding beasts on the great plains. The horse and the axe beak. Both are used by all of the tribal folks. There are very few cities of any size and most have some form of alliance with many of the tribes that live near them. There are 5 great clans and several smaller clans that shift alliances often. Of the great clans, two are human, one is a elf, one goblin and one orc. The smaller clans will change and shift as the situation dictates. There are some 10 lesser clans, one of which is a dwarvish clan that rides wild boars and bears.

All that come from the plains gain the following feat at generation. Raised in the saddle. +2 to ride skill and is considered a class skill.

There are two major cities along the Mohautan River, both span the great river in different ways. The first city is Adlac. The crossing is a large natural arch which crosses the river at a narrow location. It is not known how the arch was created but it is wide and flat across the top. It is made of granite. It is controlled by the inhabitants of the city. The city is controlled by dwarves, who have mining rights below the surface.

The second city far to the south is named Dabhe- There are no bridges but the river is again narrow and several large ferries work the two sides of the river. Dabhe also sits on the coast of a large gulf and is surrounded by swampland. Dabhe sits on solid rock and is higher than the surrounding countryside. The city conducts trade with the eastern region and Lucien to the west.

plains to the east

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