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All the nonhuman races listed below gain something from the following sections.

Elvish Holidays
  • Yeartide Talos 22, the earth is purified under the blanket of snow marking the end of death that autumn brings. Player must spend day in meditation.
  • FAIRIELUCK-Lathlander 12-A day spent in practical jokes and often spent with pixies, leprechauns etc.
  • SPRINGRITE-Aria 22-The week is spent in merriment and represents a time of fertility.
  • AGELONG-Tyche 22-Observance of the legendary battles between Gruumsh and Corellon. The player may hunt orc during the night
  • FALLRITE-Tyr 22-Week long meditation commerating the spirits of the ancestors.


Elves have a two-year pregnancy and the birth of a child is celebrated for several days. When an elf reaches 110 he is considered to be an adult Marriage lasts until one partner dies.

Elves use seasons instead months to mark time

Winter Sorenfel passing
Spring Endforoth birth
Summer raforel growth
Fall Endbrodoth harvest

Elves are clannish. Each forest is a clan although there may be subclans within the woods.

  • We draw from the land:REQUIREMENT ELF,CLERIC. -Within the forest, aN elvish cleric gains +2 bonus for healing when channeling. This also affects undead by dealing 2 more points. The forest must be at least 10 square miles to accomplish this.
  • Stealthy footed-you are difficult to track Prerequisites: Elf, DX 13, Stealth 2 ranks, Acrobatics 2 ranks Benefits: The DC to track you increases by 5.


The sacred number for the gnomes is 13. It is Garl Glittergolds favorite number, when asked Garl just laughs and says its special to the gnomes. Garl is the leader of the gnomish panethon which has the following deities, Baervan Wildwanderer, flandal steelskin, Segojan earthcaller and urdlen. One diety has left turning the near destruction of the world at the end of the third age.

The Gnomish calender consists of 13 months of 28 days each

The months in order Garlar, Flandalar, Callanar, Gaelar, nebular, boravanen, anular,nickvar, Badenular, vindvar, Denular, segojanar, and undlear.

There are festivals in each of the months. Garlar celebrates the art of the prank. There is a three day celebration of this during the 12th, 13th and the 14th of the month. Gnomes at these celebrations gain great renown for their pranks. Often unsuspecting outsiders(non gnomes) are brought to these celebrations to be made the object of the prank.

Flandalar has the celebration of Flandars .(helm 6)
Callanar 25th has the celebration of the new spring (aria 22)
Gaelar has the celebration of the departure of Gaerdal, this is a somber celebration (Lathlander 5)
Nebular celebrates the gifts of the earth (mask 3)
Boravanen celebrates the first beer of the year and the summer (Tyche 14)
Anular-celebrates the craft of gem cutting (Tyche 29)
Nickvar the second beer of the year and the fall (tempus 5)
Badenular celebrates the birth of Baervan and is 3 days in length (Tempus 17,18,19)
Vindvar celebrates tobacco (tyr 8)
Denular-(Oghma 18)
Segojar-celebration of the burrowing mammals (shar 19)
Urdlenar Celebration of the winter and of respect and fear of Urdlen (talos 22)

This is the basic list of celebrations. Communities may have their own celebrations of thing

Gaerdal was a gnomish hero of great repute. He epitomizes the cleverness and all that is right with the gnomish culture. His disappearance on this day is revered by the gnomes in a somber occurrence. The story is that he was disgraced by a Sverfneblin and his shame was so great that he left his people never to return.

Gnomish status

The size of the nose is an important status symbol to the gnomes. The larger the nose the more important the status(roll 3d6 and add them together to determine status of nose.) If your nose length is greater than the other gnomes, you gain a +2 to diplomacy in dealing that particular gnome and any gnomes he might be leading.


All gnomes gain the following for free at character creation.
+2 stealth

Anger-ability to get opponents to attack you
Prerequisites: Gnome, CHA 13, base attack bonus +1
Benefit: As a move action you may anger an opponent that has all of the following conditions, threatening you, line of sight and an INT of 3+. When the angered opponent starts its next turn, it must make a will saving throw(10+1/2 your character level+Cha modifier). If it succeeds it may take its actions as normal. If it fails, the opponent can only make melee attacks against you that round even if he were a spellcaster.


Halflings in general are a happy race and always seem to be around, irritating many of the many races. Halflings tend to celebrate most anything at the drop of the hat, creating holidays for birthdays, first beer, last crop, etc. The birthday however is the most important of all and elaborate plans must be made for them.

Halflings within a halfling community will be protected even if they are black sheep. If you are not a halfling you will be misdirected

HALFLING FEATS: one of the following may be picked for free at character creation.
  • 1. Halflings intitution- you may add your wisdom bonus to your your initiative checks
  • 2. halflings presence- a +2 bonus on diplomacy and sense motive
  • 3. Halflings charm-you add your charisma modifier instead of wisdom for will saves


The number nine is sacred to the dwarves as it represents the original nine clans of the dwarves who have spread about the lands of Beldorn, both below and above the surface.

The hearthfire is the heart and soul of a dwarvish community. It is nurtured and protected at all costs against any attempt to extinguish it. The priestesses of Berranor are charged with the keeping of the hearthfire.

There is a special type of Dwarf that is born only occasionally in a clan. They are named Nowoks(seekers of minerals). A nowok is able to discern precious minerals as a power.

Nowak-able to discern the location of precious minerals Prequisite: Dwarf, WIS 13 Benefit:You have the ability to find concentrations of precious minerals. The range is 200 feet and requires a Will check. The DC of a mineral may vary according to the DM. The base is 20 for common metals like copper, lead and Iron and lesser gems. DC 25 for silver and gold and medium valued gems. DC28 for even more precious minerals. This feat should only be allowed sparingly.

racial feats for Dwarves: choose one at character creation.
  • Our history-gain a +2 to knowledge history and +2 to diplomacy among dwarves.
  • the prestige of the clan- gain a +2 on cha checks against other clan members gain a +1 for every three levels of character

nonhuman races information

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