Mystra is the goddess of magic. She is a chaotic force for change and innovation. Mystra is the wife of Tempus and is the mother of Torm, Tempus, and Helm. She believes in the less destructive way of bringing about change on the mortal plane and instructs the sons to thwart the ways of their father and does aid them in this cause.

The temples of Mystra are inverted pyramids. The bottom floor is always the greeting place for clerics.

primary alignment of Mystra is CG
Colors blue and white. Stat Min INT 14
Domains:Magic, Protection, Rune, Subdomains Arcane, Divine, Wards
May drop armor and shield proficenies for additional domain spells-One school of magic, evocation, conjuration, etc. The priest picks one spell of that school for each level to be his domain spell.

Priests of mystra gain a rank in knowledge arcana and spellcraft at creation of character.


The head of the church is named Magnus Rex who serves for a period of 10 years and is then replaced. The Magnus Rex has no power in the decision making for the church but votes if the council is deadlocked during voting. His major power is that of ordination of the new priests of the church. The council contains 10 priests who usually control their own temples but not always.

The council is elected for a 7-year period. The council duration is staggered so that there is always some change each year.


The priests of Mystra believe with the final death of a follower or priest, their spirit goes to add the the power of magic in the universe. Crystals are laid around the body of the departed and if the spirit is particularly strong a crystal may light up signifying the crossover. The celebration is that of the life of the person not the death.

TEMPLES Haverstan, Chimorrow
* Windell-Annamarie human female, Bridget Thornside(glascow)
* Glascow-Closed Helm 1 by order of Carlos
* Flanders-Poshment-Gnome Male, Graeme(from Glascow)
* Beckett-Bodill-dwarf Female, Hallingh(Gnome Glascow)
* Kemmin
* Eriador
* Tellin
* Falling Rock
* Noman
* Tartus


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