Mortain Woods

The Mortain woods have a strange reputation. It was originally a hunting preserve for the priestkings of Mystra. The woods would be stocked with game to make it easy for the king to hunt. Boars, deer and gaming fowl were liberally scattered about. The kings would have large parties and a lodge was built near the eastern edge of the woods. It was named Boarshead. It was a two story wooden structure.

When the witchkings took over some of them used the woods as a hunting place but they would pick prisoners and other folk to be prey. The lodges name was changed at the time to Hunters spear and prisoners were kept there to be placed for the hunt.

The witchking Maria stopped the hunting after making contact with those who were called offworlders. Maria was ambitious and wanted a different source of power to move her up in the standings. The lodge was abandoned but a new tower went up in the middle of the woods. A trail was cleared to the eastern side. The new tower was 4 stories in height and the stones which built it were of a polished stone. It was about six months when according to stories the first of the sky ships appeared. The stories also speak that the ships were of fantastical designs, some looked like fireflys, others like aquatic creatures and other shapes. Sonn Maria was showing off strange things to the other kings who became jealous of what she was gathering.

Tales speak of the tall blue skinned human who spoke to Maria, Her bodyguard constisted of tall greyskinned humanoids with huge heads with large mouths and insectlike creatures. She had sole dealings with them.

It is not known which king or kings came up with the plot to remove the outworlders but the plan was hatched to destroy the ship of the blue skinned humanoid. The plotters rigged an Incendiary device to be planted aboard the ship. The plot succeeded and the ship was completely destroyed. the blue skinned man died and with it the ships from offworld stopped coming. The tower was locked up and it remains to this day.

Mortain Woods

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