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this is the starting point for the Pathfinder campaign that is currently running at

Character generation 4d6 take the best three, seven stats take the best six. Character classes and races from the core book and the following from the APG, the oracle, Cavalier, Inquisitor and the witch. There are guidelines for the Oracle, Inquisitor and Cavalier. I am still undecided about the alchemist and summoner. The racial variants and class variants as well as the feats and spells are availabe. Characters start with maximum cash for classes.

new sept 20 the Magnus class has been released for playtest. I will make it available for trial.

NEW FEB 25 2011 No gunslingers, Samurai and Ninjas are not in this region but will be available if the game is on the west coast.

You may pick two traits at character creation. The traits are listed in the APG. If you have a existing character, you may add those traits.

Hollow leg Tavern
prestige classes allowed
nonhuman races information
pathfinder calender of events
chevron ceremony
lothars cave

Places of interest- stilletto, Dagger, doomkeep, Eagles Nest, Eriador, The Keep, Falling Rock, Mortain Woods, Darkwood, Holy sites

Towns-border gap, Glascow, Galtek, Frathlin, Haven, Taireth

other nations-Lucien, woods to the north of haverstan, plains to the east

chimorrow 4th age

non human words


Religions- overview of religion

Human deities:
Latlander-Swit-God of the Dawn
Mystra-Majia-Goddess of Magic
Oghma pf God of Knowledge
Selune-Lunara-Goddess of the moon
Tempus-Wojnar-God of War
Torm-Reche-God of Duty and Obidence
Tyr-Justitian-God of Justice
Tyche-Sorte-God of Luck
Silvanus god of nature
Sune-Beleza-Goddess of Love and Beauty
Deneir-Bescherm-god of the arts
Gond-Andrign-God of Change
Illmater-Vermogen-God of Endurance and Suffering
Helm-Helme-Keeper of the Secrets

Cyric-Smerc-God of Death
Talos-Zerstroung-God of Storms and destruction
Umberlee-Burza-Goddess of the Ocean
Mask-Myscarah-God of Intrigues

Dwarvish deities:
Clanggeddein pfWar God
Moradin pf Race God
Berronar pfHearth Goddess
Dumathoin pfKeeper of secrets under the mountain

Elvish Deities:
Corellon pf Race god
Hanali pfgod of beauty
Solonor pfgod of the hunt

Gnomish Deities:
Baeravan God of the Forest and wanderers
Garl Race God

Halfling Deities:
Brandobarisgod of adventurers
Avoreenthe defender
YondellaMother of the Halflings

Demi human bad guys-Lolth-Dark Elves, Gruumsh-Orcs, Hruggerk-Bugbears, Urdlen-Gnomes, Laduguer-Duegar, Maglublyet-Goblins

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