A Hellspiral is a special type of teleportation spell. The spiral is a permanent fixture usually carved into stone and activated by the person whom is travelling it. It is usually in a spiral shape and the person starts on the outside edge and walks the path spiralling inward to the center. The spiral is a dangerous and tricky way to move about.

To walk it requires a will save. Anybody may walk the spiral. Once you step on the beginning of the spiral you must complete it. If you attempt to leave it in any way, a will save is required. The DC is also 25. If you succeed you may leave before the end of the walk. If you fail, you are sent to random plane of Hell. The DC for walking it is 25. If you succeed in the will save it will act as a teleport spell in all respects. If you fail there are various things that may happen.

if you fail the saving throw:
  • by 1-4 blindness as per the spell.
  • by 5-8 age 20 years.
  • by 9-12 feebleminded as if you failed the save for the spell
  • by 13-15 instant reincarnation
  • by 16 or more or a roll of 1 death

The Wizard Nimbus, one of the WitchKings created the procedure to build a Hellspiral and put it down in a book entitled the book of Nimbus. The procedure to build a Hellspiral costs some 2,000 gold and is permanent and cannot be disabled. The space of a spiral is about 10 feet in diameter.


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