Galtek lies on the western edge of Haverstan. Its founder was the legendary Gondman Nargman who founded the Stronghold. Galtek has a underground Chariot racing area because of Gondmans love of chariot races.

Dwarvish Stronghold of Galtek(shieldcradle) is about 12( dwarvish generation is about 200 years) generations of age. Galtek has seen the fall of Chimorrow and its aftermath. Galtek tends to keep to itself and not be of much assistance to others.
Galtek is a matriarchal rulership which is unknown for the most part. The priesthood of Berranor took charge when the male rulers were all killed in the deep war of some four hundred years previously. A combination of Drow and other underdwellers continued their war on the dwarves after the fall of Favortek to the east. The bad guys got into the lower levels of the stronghold before being driven off. The losses to the stronghold were tremendous. It was estimated that the losses to the clan were in the 90 percent range.

The ways in were blocked and the dwarves retreated back to the core part of the stronghold. Glorizak (silver anvil) the head priestess of Berronar made a decision to take over the running of the clan. Although some of the males disagreed, Glorizak and the hearthguards enforced the rule. As the remaining clan was mostly females it was decided that breeding program was needed to ensure the survivalablity of the clan. Glorizak prayed to Berronar to grant the type of fertility needed to ensure and her prayers were answered. A unprecented birthrate came and many of the rarity, twin dwarves and in one case triplets.

All the infants were taken to the temple of Berranor and blessed them. All the infants made it through the childhood and were soon to be known as the blessed of Berranor. All of them had children who also made it to adulthood and had children. Within two generations the stronghold had regained much of its strength and began to send out its people to renew acquaintances with the outside world.

Glorizak, the savior of the clan passed away at the age of 375, having ruled the clan for some 150 years and watched the blessed of Berronar become adults. Her daughter, Bofrai ( great birthplace) took her place and is now approaching the age of 250.

There are two levels before the mines The upper level is the temple Level . You enter Galtek through the main entrance which slopes down to the grand chamber which holds the hearthfire. The flame that is never supposed to go out. There are holes in the ceiling which allow light to shine through highlighting the flame. The temples of the dwarvish deities are situated about the edges of the chamber. The temple of Berranor lies across the chamber from the entrance, the temples of Clanggeddein and Moradin lie to the east and west. The temple of Dumathoin is near the stairway down to the lower levels.
On the second living has the living and organizational quarters. There are exits out to the outside world for the military and the civilian populations.


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