Cyric is the Lord of death and the Brother of Tempus. He hates Tempus and the three sons, Tyr, Torm and Helm but is covetous of Mystra. He, like Tempus is afraid of the banished brother Anduhar and dislikes his three children, Umberlee, Talos and Mask.

Cyric had his face nearly destroyed in a fight with Tempus and now wears a mask.

Cyric priests wear Black and Silver robes and wear a mask. The type of mask denotes the rank of the priest within the order. A bone mask is levels 1-3, copper levels 4-6, Silver 7-9, Electrum 10-12, Gold 13-16, Platinum for 17+

The priests may wear any type of Armor and shield. The favored weapon is the Sycthe or the sickle.

Temple in Chimorrow-run by Davor(inquisitor) the temple is now active


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