chimorrow 4th age


Chimorrows dawning of the 4th age looked glorious as the reign of Arn the first began. Arn had been a simple adventurer with many compatriots. He helped to overthrow the witchkings with the aid of Haverstan and the future looked promising. It lasted about three generations.

It was during the reign of his granddaughter. Katherine that the first of the great plagues struck the land. The plague according to rumor, had come from the plains to the east. It spread faster than could be healed and many died. Some villages were completely wiped out by this and were abandoned. Within three years of the great plague, a barbarian invasion led by Othar the merciless came down from the south. They had suffered less through the great plague and saw opportunities to exploit it. The weakened army lost its will to fight and disappeared into the civilian populace or to Haverstan or Lucien. The barbarians slaughtered many but they fell also to a new outbreak of the plague and soon abandoned it as cursed.

It was nearly 100 years before the population began to rise again when the return of the dragons of Beldorn. The dragons, according to legend were exinct by the end of the third age. But this legend was untrue, for they had been hidden in some unknown plane of existence for a prophecy that saw their return. From the stories from the east, the dragons were brought back to fight a demon invasion. Many of the returning dragons were slain in the fight and after the demons were destroyed scattered to the winds.

The stories tell of the great red Dragon, Crymthousyan and the black, Tythuruys, and the green. Mylusuilm who settled in the more remote parts of Chimorrow and quickly controlled various regions, putting most of their efforts in killing the humans who they thought had used them. Various groups attempted to kill the dragons but all three were wily and killed nearly all that came their way. The final insult to injury was Nicodamus the last king decided the way to get the dragons out of the lands was to summon demons to assist him in this task. The survivors recall that somehow Nicodamus made an error and paid nastily for it.

The demons and the dragons went at it and wiped each other out. The center of Chimorrow for a period was a wasteland before the foliage began to grow back, This was the final straw for the few survivors who fled to the west and south and began to spread their tales. It has been some 50 years since that event.


chimorrow 4th age

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