There are various orders for the cavaliers-The order of the Lion is dedicated to the king of Haverstan. The order wears blue and red and has the crest of haverstan emblazoned on the chest of the tabard. The orders main headquarters is in Glascow on the island. Their job beyond just protecting the king is to seek out and ferret enemies of the state.

There is also a Order of the lion for Lucien but not much is known about them.

Many of the more miliant religions also have cavalier orders. They all wear the colors of their religion. At this time, Tempus, Torm, Tyr, Helm, Cyric and Talos all have their orders. Each has a name associated to them.

The Tempus order is named The Sword, The Torm cavaliers are named the Protectors, The Tyr ones are named the Iron Fist. The cavaliers of Helm are named Keepers of the Eye. Cyric cavaliers are named Heartseekers, The Talos order is called the bringers of Destruction.

Currently, there are some orders to protect the poor. The largest is in Haverstan. This order is named protectors of the people.


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