border gap

Borderland gap-pop 4500 This is the name of the town and region that is nearest to the pass that enters into Chimorrow. It is a rough and tumble community as many adventurers, farmhands and others seek their way into the lands of Chimorrow. It is under the control of Dorian who was once a fighter but has been hired to keep the peace within the town. Dorians people are efficient in their keeping of the law. They tend to be warriors or fighters in general and are named the red sashes because of the red sash that they wear.
There are temples to Tyche and Tyr. The temple of Tyche lies near the outskirts of the town while the Temple of Tyr is located near the city center. The temple of Tyr, the priest stationed there is named Andrew and assists Dorian and the red sashes. The temple of Tyche is led by Werner the younger.
The streets are generally dirt. Only near the jail and the government house are there cobblestoned streets. Most of the structures are of stone and wood. Many of the newer structures are going up in brick. Many of the dining and drinking establishments have rules about weapons or spellcasting within their premises.

The most common is the knot rule. Scabbarded weapons are tied down with a thin rope to prevent easy access, bows are to be unstrung, chopping weapons are to be sheathed, etc. Within the town limits this will be used as law for any court trials.

The Square House-It is the largest inn and tavern in the community. It is owned by Barnabas Cooper. Cooper is a smallish man who was reputed to be an inquisitor until he tired of it. he is orginally from Lucien. He has two cooks and three other employees as well as his family who assist in the operations.

Rooms are 2 gold a night. There are 10 rooms in total. You may put up to five people in a room. The tavern follows the Knot rule for weapons.

The owner of the Bitter Waters saloon is a gnome named Kael. Kael is very typical of gnomes and has his ear on all the town business.

There is a wizard in the town named Dabril. He is friends with Mort and will tend to make things for him. Dabril is kinda of a dour personality but lightens up when he drinks.

The Hausman ranch is one of the employers of the area, running cattle and sheep. There are slaughter houses and clothing manufactures who employ many of the people.

!Borderland Gap!

border gap

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