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shar 8-9 500 4th age

the group continued to explore the mine. they found what appeared to be a camping area in one of the chambers. Gargrim went inside and looked at the equipment and determined that a sample might be the legendary metal orachulum. As the group was continuing to look around, a couple of them heard what appeared to be voices coming from down below. The group decided to head down the next level of the mine. They went down wide steps that were narrowly spaced. another perception roll determined that the conversation had stopped.

As the group reached the bottom of the stairs and were preparing to step into the chamber, a fireball went off in the group and a hold person was cast on Asgar. Asgar was held by a spell, and everybody took damage. It took awhile for the group to see whom had attacked them. One was atop a rock and the other was further away. Gargrim was the first to see the bad guys and charged stopping at the base of the rock and began to chuck throwing axes at the creature. Asgar, after shaking off the effects of the hold spell, went running to close the distance between him and the bad guy

Gargrim and Asgar took damage as the bad guys struck. Gem cast a magic missile at the one on the rock and overcame its spell resistance inflicting severe damage. Gargrims axe found the mark and the creature slumped dead. In the meantime asgars opponent was trading damage for damage with asgar. Tet and Nora came to asgars assistance, but he dropped below 0 and went down.

It took the remaining group to drop the final creature. The first creature turned out to be a drow and the second a duegar. The group despite having two clerics and a paladin ended up burning nearly all of their healing to bring the party back up. The bad guys had several magic items. The group decided to rest for the night.

the group moved deeper into the caverns and came upon a room filled with bats which buffeted the group as they flew out. battered and bruised the group moved around the cavern finding that many of the chambers had carved faces, some better than others and found the entrance down. They discerned sounds coming from the second level.

At the entrance to the second level the group came upon another ooze like creature which they defeated.

As the group moved further into the mine a series of bolts from crossbows arced towards Asgar missing him completely. Asgar and Gargrim charged toward the crossbows to find that there were duegar. The others followed. the fight ensued. A larger deugar came visible and attempted to swing at asgar missing him. A magic missile came out and hit gem. he spotted where it came from and charged past the melee only to run into several more duegar who almost put him down.

the duegar went into a stretch of not hitting anything and eventually the group overcame them. They ended up with a magical warhammer, potions, money and some other things.

Shar 6,7 400 4th age

The group entered the room that was locked and found a blue colored leather armor and a quarterstaff as well as some cash. They then walked to the caves detouring along the way at a shrine to Dumathoin after noticing some footprints. Gargrim and Gem went inside the shrine and came out not finding anything.

At the mines the group entered and moved up some of the passages and eventually came upon a oozelike creature that took awhile to be defeated. Gargrim was injured but Asgar healed him.

Shar 5-6 500 4th age

The group found out that the pixie suffered from a madness disease and the disease would have eventually taken his life. The group found a small treasure and moved on to the town of Falling Rock.

the group found the town. It was in a sad shape. the group decided to go initially to the temple with a small side track to the main tavern. The group entered the temple and found one room was locked, a second room with a table and chairs. Asgar found a secret compartment on the table which had a key.

The group entered the worship area and Tet went to the altar where he and Nora found it to be magical. The podium had some sort of permanent enchantments on it. One was Eagles splendor and the other was restore ability lesser. Tet also found a slot for the key that Asgar had. He tried it and found that it opened to a empty storage area in the altar.

The group left the worship room and Gargrim and Tet noticed something moving about outside. The group set up a defensive position and were attacked in the early morning hours. The creature was dispatched.

Shar 4-5 500 4th age

the group made to the hollow leg where they noticed that it was busy. There were folks who were obviously followers of Cyric and Talos. They met two fellow adventurers, one a dwarf and one a halflng. Their names are Gargrim and Gem. They were looking for assistance in adventuring to a older mining village.

The group before leaving observed a group of cyric followers leaving to the north. The group went east and after travelling a couple of hours, found a dead body. some of the group recognized the body as one of the the group that went north. Sarg and Nora noticed a trail and began to follow it. The trail led to a clearing where the footprints disappeared.

Gem was then struck by an arrow and rendered unconcious. The group looked around for the attacker and finally was spotted. It was a pixie and it fought furiously, ignoring pleas for it to surrender and was finally dropped.

the demon banished

Shar 2-3 500 4th age

The group had a series of options that they could do. One was to go after the demon loose in the town. They could leave town for the Hollow leg, or they could go to the leg and into chimorrow to hunt down Lothar. Mort knew of a couple of adventurers who were looking for help also.

Tet received a message which could have more than one meaning. It was from Caladreil. Tet felt that it wasnt time to execute the lothar mission. It was eventually decided to find the demon. Since the priest of Tyr pf was dead, the group went to the temple of Tyche to seek out a priest.

They met with Werner, who had information as to how to find the demon. He took the group out of the town and into a woods that seems to be infused with some mystical power. There was a circle made of stone and surrounded by woods. Asgar was to the bait and was set within the center of the circle. The others hid. Werner began the chanting and the groups waiting was rewarded.

the demon passed by and entered the circle and was close to touching asgar when they sprung their trap. the group did an amazing amount of damage, overcame its incoporal state and damage reduction to remove it.

The group went back to the Bitter Waters tavern to have a beer.

hell spiral

Shar 1-2 500 4th age

the group looked over the smoldering house to see if they could find anything. In the middle room Tet found something that was glowing. In one of the other rooms, the group found remnants of a lab. Nora found some loose floor boards but was distracted by Tets call. Sarg did note that Mort pocketed something.

The floor had a strange pattern imprinted on it. It seemed as if there were a path that spiraled inword. It was decided to speak to Dabril about it. They also began to question Mort about what he had. He revealed that he had a set of keys which where for chests that Dabril had hidden for him.

the conversation with Dabril revealed that he had been possessed during a experimental trip through what he called a hell spiral. he described it as a device that you could travel to a location, plane, time or be changed or die. It was designed by a witchking of old who specialized in summoning. The ability to create was in the Book of Nimbus. Dabril had burned the book but Nimbus did more than one copy.

The group then spoke with the survivors of the Tyr temple for the head priest and a bodyguard were killed in Dabril’s insane rage. They spoke to Seth, an inquisitor about the spiral. The group decided to guard the house.

There were some folks at the house when the group got there. There was a half orc named Davor, a woman named Abigial and her henchman Gerrard. A short discussion ensued and the trio left. the night passed by without incident.

back to the frontier

Oghma 28-31, Shar 1 500 4th age The group met the elves for breakfast and went to the temples to speak with the magnus and Fletcher. Nora wished to find a druid to speak to.

The group first met with fletcher, who had a dwarf ranger name sarg. He was out on the border watching certain events unfold and was told to report to fletcher.

Tet, and Asgar went next to the magnus of the church of Mystra to discuss options about the missing heads and the elves also wished to talk to mystra priest.

In the mean time nora and Sarg went looking for a druid and found one in the poor section of town, giving food to the poor. the druid was a Gnome named Attickk. Nora asked questions of the druid but didnt recieve an answer that she was seeking.

The group left the town to head back to the frontier. They reached the frontier town of Borderland gap to find that buildings were on fire and that a priest of Tyr and a bodyguard was slain as well as a couple of deputies.

The murderer was a wizard in the town that some of the group had met before. Dabril was in his house, it was burning and he had a prisoner. the group stormed the house and attacked dabril. he went down in a lump. Both Tet and Sarg noted that something left his body when he went down.

Both searched for the elusive thing. Dabril, after being in hysterics, calmed down and explained that he had been possessed.

Oghma 27, 28 The group made its way to the almighty hands for some food and drink. As they were there two usual visitors, both elves who were riding large bird like creatures with large beaks. They were both dressed in hides and seemed rather primitive.

As the group was going to introduce themselves to the elves, a commotion broke out as a thief was detected within the bar. It was a young man named Corby who almost got away but was caught by Asgar, Nora and Thenial. They took away the young man to Magistrate Cripus where they found out that this was his first job for the thieves guild.

Colby was left in the care of the magistrate. In the meantime Tet spoke to the elves and had some Revelations about his heritage and spoke of a dark force that was trying to bring back the order of the witchkings. One wizard in particular came up, his name is Lothar and the group had met him before.

Asgar and the companions also were told to keep an eye on the region as the evil religions were making some noise there.

Tet and Thenial got into a loud argument about some of the information that Tet had been keeping as somewhat of a secret and Thenial left the group in anger.

Oghma 25,26,27 the group decided to allow the lesser thugs to leave and they did in a hurry. The unconscious bad guy they revived and found out his name. It was Kurtis and it was decided to bind him and take him to glascow also. Kurtis mission was to take Maskell to Talos for the man that he killed was a Talos follower. Maskell wanted the group to kill him.

The group refused and eventually made their way to Glascow where Asgar renewed old acquaintances and Tet made his report to the church ofMystra about the missing heads of the deceased from the tomb in Kemmin.

Oghma 22,23,24 As the group was heading to get something to eat, a old comrade popped up. Tet and a new friend Eldanith were also heading to Glascow for various reasons. Asgar convinced Andrew to help pay for the cost of adding the new people to escort the prisoner.

They also met with Dabril the town wizard whom seemed to be having a bad day. They met Maskell who was in the nicest term a jerk.

the group left and was stranded in a blizzard and was attacked by a follower of Talos and some help. the fight was short and the follower was on the ground unconcious with two of the help webbed.

Oghma 20,21 the group was deciding on what to do when an old voice called out to them. It was Zeke, the cleric of Tyche whom they had adventured with before. There were some relating of tales and it was finally decided that Asgar wanted to go to his temple in Borderland gap to met with the head of his temple. Mort offered to go along,

The group arrived in the evening and found food and lodging. Asgar and his compatriots went to meet andrew, whom they found to be a little brusque and not saying much about the donation that asgar made. Later that night one of Andrews bodyguards named Bailey spoke to the group about Andrew being less than civil.

In the morning Asgar made a request for items so he may continue his mission of bringing the word. Andrew said that he would grant the request but needed to take a prisoner back to Glascow who would be tried for the murder of a noble there. Andrew also offered some reward to the companions as well as horses and rations for the 140 mile trek. The group agreed to it.

Oghma 17,18 19 The group found the one survivor named Stoddard and spent the night in the Last Drink Tavern. Morning came with a knock on the door. Lothar and his orc associate asked to come in. They were permitted in and took a chair. Lothar thanked the group for ridding the town of the pests and was willing to pay them for their services.

Tet knew that there was a old temple of Mystra within the town and wanted to make sure that his old temple was not pillaged. Lothar was not happy with the arrangement but agreed to do so. It was suspected that he didnt want to deal with a party of seven at the time.

They went to the temple and found that the temple was pretty much cleaned out and checked the burial areas. They found that the two priests that were buried in there had been disturbed and the heads of both the priests had been removed.

This was somewhat puzzling as the doors that they had attempted to open were arcane locked. Tet decided that he had to report the incident to his superiors and the group left to return to the Hollow Leg.

Oghma 16 Outside Kemmin, the group looked down on the hill and decided on a course of action. Asa and Yn would come in from the east of the town, while Ritter, Asgar, Nora, and Tet would circle to the north and come in.

After several hours the group made their move and tried to inflitrate into the town. A savage fight ensued and nearly took down members of the group. After the fight the group moved to the tavern to find the survivors.

continuing the spelunking Edit
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Shar 8-9 500 4th age

The group rested for the night or what they percieved as a night and moved out to explore the rest of the large cavern. As the group moved about the cavern, a breeze was perceived and the group went to the source. There was a slit within the cavern from which the wind was coming from. It was a six inch wide slit at the bottom of a depression. Nora went down inside the slit to check out the opening. She looked down and couldn’t see anything so she placed a light spell on a coin and dropped it down the slot. The light disappeared in the darkness. A faint echo of the coin reached Nora’s ears. She estimated that the distance to the bottom was about 250 feet down.

The group moved away from the slit and continued to explore the chamber. Eventually they found a structure. There was one entrance and Gargrim noted that it was a temple to Laudeguer, a deity of the Duegar. The group entered, noticed the strange glow coming from the temple and went to it. A cracking sound from the columns caught their attention and from the column came two stone Duegar. The fight was long and the creatures tended to damage and destroy weapons and were resistant to spells. Finally the group overcame the creatures and began to explore. They found a tablet which described the way to forge and purify Orachilum, a rare and precious mineral. They also found what appeared to be the prayer book of the Duegar priest that they had defeated also. Gargrim suggested that the book be worth money as were a couple of Rugs that the group had found within the temple. Gargrim also felt that the tablet would bring a decent price at one of the Dwarvish clans. The group is pondering what to do next.

Borderlands Gap Edit
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Shar 8-9 500 4th age

Faith Mistseeker looked at the rubble that was Dabril’s house. She shook her head about the concept that Fletcher had explained to her. All she knew was that she needed to meet with Dorian, the sheriff of the town and Andrew’s bodyguards who had failed to protect their charges.

It was a hurried journey which horses were nearly killed in the pace. Faith remembered the nighttime message from Fletcher which sent her on her mission away from the man she was assigned to protect and this bothered her. She was sent along with a troop of Caviliers and men at arms to protect a circle. This was beyond her ken.

It must be important, she thought as she looked around. The wolves are circling around. I noticed priests of Cyric and Talos here, so there must be Mask followers around somewhere. All that is here to assist me are the priests of Tyche pf, those fellows tend to be worse than useless in my opinion.

Back to the Hollow Leg Edit
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Shar 10-17 500 4th age

The group decided to go the surface for it was felt that they had achieved pretty much what they had set out to do. At the top, a cougar appeared and approached Nora. The rest of the group watched the cat with some trepidation until it was finally discovered that it was friendly to Nora.

The group made it back to the Hollow leg Tavern and noticed that it was busy. Apparently a group of Cyric followers had met their demise while trekking north. The bodies were discovered by followers of Talos. The group listened to the conversation which was loud. Davor, a adversary of asgar was denouncing the idea that the group was done in by something or someone named the Ice Falcon. Davor blamed it on Talos or Mask.

In the meantime,the group concluded business with Mort, selling off carpets and a Duegar religious tome. They also received a down payment from Gargrim for the stone tablet that he was going to take to the dwarves of the west.

Davor noticed Asgar and tried to bait him but was unsuccessful. In his anger he swatted at a kitten that had hissed at him. A half orc got upset about the cuffing of the kitten and wanted Davor to apologize for the incident but didnt get it. The half orc came over and introduced himself to the group. He was a comrade of Ynaria, a rogue that had been with the group in the past. She had told Makoa about Asgar and suggested he meet him out here in the wilderness. He had information about a tower in in the Mortain Woods that could contain treasure. The group agreed to it.

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Fletcher Crispus was sitting in his office frowning over the various reports that he had received from various sources. One of his bodyguards Faith Mistseeker had settled in Borderlands Gap to guard the newly discovered Hellspiral and to prevent others from using it. From the lands of Chimorrow, had come new reports of the religions of Cyric and Talos, both of them were working on restoring their ancient temples there. He suspected that this news dovetailed with the rumors of a wizard who was attempting to revive the WitchKings orders. He needed a person whom he could trust. He called for Corey, the young lad whom he had taken underwing to fetch him his seal as he began to make out a letter.

Caladrel looked the snow covered hill and mountain caps to the south where Chimorrow lie. He looked to Ethell his companion and let out a breathe that crystalized in the frigid air. It is near the time to try to pull Lothar out of his home to allow Tetalanirdenlauss Magiercaulen to retreive the heads. I trust to our gods that he and his companions can do so.

The Orc looked into the chamber that contained Lothars trophies. He hated this duty, for it seemed that the skeletial heads seemed to be able to look through him shivering him to his soul. He seemed to be able to hear their voices whenever Lothar was around them. The Orc continued his patrol.

to Mortain woods Edit
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Shar 18,19 4th age

The group moved out from the Hollow Leg tavern to the Mortain Woods to find the tower that was reputedly built to accommodate the sky ships of legend that Makoahad told them about. asgar during the stay had received from Fletcher Crispus about being a chevron ceremony.

The weather was moving back towards the killer cold type of weather. The group ran into a couple of ogres and a goblin sorcerer and defeated them. As they entered the Mortain woods they ran into Neben who intoduced himself to the group.

The frontier in Chimorrow has again become dangerous. Cyric, Talos, and most of all Mask are on the move to rebuild their place in that misbegotten land. Also we are aware of attempts to rebuild the witch kings.
I know that I have asked you to watch the frontier and to report back to me about what you have seen. I believe that it is time to step up the process. I will grant you a Chevron and a weapon that will be worthy of your needs. The Chevron will allow you gather funds and the weapon would be the sign of power that I grant you.
I am talking of locating and setting a site for a temple of Tyr in the wilderness to offset the rebuilding of the temples by the others. So I am charging you with the responsibility of eventually locating a spot to set up a temple within the confines of Chimorrow.
There is no time limit to do this but the eventual granting of the weapon for the Chevron will need to take place at the temple in Glascow.
Fletcher Crispus


Its spiders, oh hell
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4th age

The group spoke with Nebenthrough the cold night finding out about the tower of the skyships. Neben revealed the following The tower is the source of some of the strange creatures that live in the woods… The tower has been there since the previous age. One of the witchkings, probably Maria who apparently had contact with some of what are called the offworlders and decided to allow them to trade with her. Why they chose the woods is truly beyond my comprehension.

The tales I have been told is of flying ships shaped like dragonflies, fish and other fanciful shapes that would travel by air to the woods and dock to the tower that she had built. She would have various goods delivered to her. Apparently she didn’t talk to the others of her order about what she was given. One day one of the strange vessels was docked there and exploded. The tower withstood the explosion but there were many deaths, including a tall blue skinned being according to the stories.

This apparently angered the strangers for the ships stopped coming and the tower was locked up. Soon there were reports of strange beasts in the woods, not natural and not from here. There is talk of giant rodents and other strange things in the woods. I have seen some of these creatures. The tower itself was said to have unloaded a final cargo which was never picked up. The woods are a dangerous place to be my friends; I have entered into it occasionally looking for berries and such. I have seen some strange creatures; the rodents are large and have a stripe about their faces. There is also a blob like thing that is carnivorous that haunts the woods

the group spent the night peacefully with Neben and set out the next day and found the tower. Makoa picked the lock and the group entered. Soon after entry, the group found that they were being attacked by mechanical spiders. asgar proved to be particularly effective against the spiders but Makoa went down under a paralytic poison and had to be dragged out. Nora was also hit but shrugged off the effects of the poision. Six spiders went down but the group retreated back out the door.

Makoa’s view
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Shar 21 500 4th age

Makoa came out of the paralysis looking at the group and a new person. He was somewhat confused, the spiders dart was the last thing he remembered. He asked about the new person, she replied that her name was Allissa and that she had been trailing the group. asgar had faith in Allissa to let her in and that was good for Makoa.

He rested for the rest of the day and was in a fit mood as the group went back to the tower. The doors were opened and the group noticed that the dead spiders were not there, there were slime trails heading up the stairs. The group entered, Asgar, Nora and Makoa started up the stairs while Tetalanirdenlauss Magiercaulen and Allissa began to look at the crates. Somebody heard something and the group went on alert. Allissa went up the stairs while Tet stayed down. Nora opened the door and another spider was there, it was different and larger. Tet also yelled out that there was another in the hole.

Makoa said a prayer to Latlander pf as he pulled out his crossbow. These spiders were tougher than the others and both fired lightning bolts at the party as well as swinging blades. Makoa’s final contribution to the fight was pretty minimal and he nearly sprained his ankle jumping off the stair.

the two spiders were dispatched and makoa and the group moved up the stairs. The second level seemed to be bereft of anything worthwhile. During this time the group could hear a indistinct whispering sound. As the group reached the third level of the tower a overpowering smell assailed the group. The group stepped up into the level and saw the skeletial remains of a tall man in red clothing sitting at a desk and there was a chest nearby. Tet detected for magic and the chest near the skeleton glowed. The two rogues took a look at it and neither were able to open it. Both of the rogues were overcome by the smell and became ill. Asgar gave mercies to both and it was determined that the smell was a poison eminating from the chest. Makoa put the chest in his glove of storage to minimize the smell. Allissa had determined that the whispering was a message warning people and that the sound had diminished.


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