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  • Gargrim

    Gargrim is a priest of Clanggeddein. He is a warrior at heart but ended up as a priest because of a vision that he recieved. Gagrim is a prototypical gruff dwarf 4 foot 2 inches, 200lbs. He is profane. He tends to yell to clanggeddein as he charges. …

  • zeke-ezekial of millpine

    Ezekiel is a young priest of Tyche. He likes to be called Zeke. He is generally a happy guy who truly believes in the randomness of luck. He is truly willing to allow dice to chose his direction. His enthusiasm gets him into trouble with his superiors.

  • Andrew

    Andrew is relatively new to Borderland Gap. He has been the temple priest only for the last seven months. He is nominally in charge of the order cavaliers and the Inquisitor but all look down on him as a newbie. He tends to be hypercritical of …

  • Miller

    Miller is one of the priests assigned to open the temples in Chimorrow. He is ambitious and tends to be a bit reckless.

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