Shadows of Beldorn

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Talos 20-25 500 4th Age

The group moved away from the caves and southward to be able to cross the hills. On the way back, they spied a group approaching the temple of Talos with the universal sign of truce, a blue flag. asgar recognized on of the men as Davor a half-orc Inquisitor of Cyric which the group had dealings with before.

The group moved to the town of Coalmore after leaving the hills. The group met Mathias who owned the town it seemed. The group ended up with a bad feeling about this man.

The group made it to Glascow to meet with the Magnus of Mystra and to return the skulls. The Magnus thanks the group and made mention of a special spell that lothar had used in conjunction with the skulls.

Caladrel looked passively as the orcs and his enemy Lothar, all mounted filtered into the glade. The slight rises in the ground indicated the graves of those whom gave their lives so many years ago were the only disturbances in smoothness of the grasses there. The air was cold and clear. Caladrels hair moved in the breeze that was created by the spirits. He looked to his right at his bodyguard Ethell. He was still so young to be put in this situation. He then realized that this was his birthday, three days past the solstice. How many had it been since that day. Some two hundred and sixty Solstices had come and gone since he was parted from his mother. He patted his axebeak, Lomoli, who had served him well for the many seasons. Both mounts quivered in anticipation. He looked again at Lothar. His devotion to necromancy had not served him well. His body was gaunt, looking that it had been stripped of vitality. Caladrel had remembered when he first met the human in the plains. Lothar had a shallow haunted complexion. He said that it was from his grief of having his family killed by rival gangs in Haverstan. Caladrel had doubted that was the only reason and had kept tabs on him over the years.
Lothar, mounted upon his Sachre, a horse like demon, thoroughly black in color with a horn upon its head. It pawed the ground aggressively, wanting to reach out and crush its enemies. Lothar shifted in his saddle and looked to his flanks to see where his followers were fanning out into a semi circle.
“Caldarel, I must compliement you on your plan to draw me out while some of your lackeys ransack my home. They will of course pay for the taking of the skulls which I assume was your plan.” Lothars voice echoed in the glade. “It was also clever of you to prevent my creature from taking me back to the place so that I might mete out punishment for their perfidy.”
Caldarel smiled at the comment. It was good that Tet and his friends were able to complete the mission. If he survived this, Tet will have to be told and not by a sending spell. He would tell him of things that he should be aware of. A small rock rolled along the ground disturbing his thoughts. He looked down and smiled a bit. The spirits of the dead still haunted him and he would add to the spirits today.
He looked at Ethell who had his bow drawn. “There are less than half of what they started with Caladrel, it is unfortunate that their priest has eluded my arrows but I will guarantee that he will not survive the day.” Caladrel spoke softly, “I don’t know if we will survive the day Ethell, but it has been a pleasure to have you as my Thaim.” Caladrel touched his head to Ethell and then looked up. More rocks moved about Caladrel. Caladrel felt at peace as began to urge his mount forward and made a motion and flames went up in front of the Orcs to his left flank.

in the lair

Talos 17-20 500 4th age.

The group moved the to cave and kept an eye on it waiting for Caladrel’s signal. The cold of the Killer Cold was mitigated by the spellcasters. Finally “Tet” Magiercaulen got the message and could see the excitement of the orcs in preparing to leave the cave area. They could seelothar mount a black unicorn which Tet identified as a black unicorn, actually a demon in disguise.

Lothar led most of the orcs away including what appeared to be the priest and thirty others. The group could see three guards outside and one at the entrance. Dolgrin Magmaholder and Tet and Nora would shoot the three of them and Asgar would take the remaining in a rush. As Asgar went down the hill the archers opened up. All struck the orcs but only dolgrims went down. Asgar destroyed the orc that he reached and one with a crossbow bolt stuck in him also attacked.

The group could hear the sounds of a bell pealing from within the cave. the group rushed the cave entrance and found that the orcs were lined up in a defensive position and were defending as well as they could which wasn’t quite good enough. Eventually the orcs were overcome but not without pain on Asgars and Noras part as they ran into the leader left behind from the orcs who pummeled them.

The group moved on and found Lothars quarters and another room with the skulls that they were looking for. At the rooom with the skulls, there was a skull floating in the air which screamed when it saw the group. It was later found that it was a warning system for Lothar who fortunately didn’t appear. In lothars room they found two parchments containing previously unknown spells to the group, a sealed jar with the symbol of one of the witchkings and money. The group left.

The hills

Talos 11-16 500 4th age

The group was celebrating but “Tet” Magiercaulen needed to speak with the Magnus of his temple. The group left the celebration and went to the temple of mystra pf to speak. Tet went in humbly and asked about the magical items that he had found in the abandoned temple in Kemmin and that Caladrel was setting up to pull lothar away from his cave and reclaim the skulls. The Magnus was fine with the magical items and told the group of a ranger who could maybe help them along and that he could be found at the Waiting Arms tavern.

They met and found that his name wasDolgrin Magmaholder and had some knowledge of the area. The group left and covered the ground quickly. The group had decided on the shorter possibly more dangerous road through the hills so they could scout out the place. The trip through the hills was a little more than exciting. They found remains of animals that had been eaten by a Bulette, they saw the next day a hill giant bringing down a deer and finally at night a flying creature. They also saw from above the temple of Talos that they had cleared out of goblins but apparently humans were now infesting it. The flying creature came at night and took one of the humans at the temple and killed him and flew off to the east.

The group decided to settle in for the next couple of days to scout and prepare.


Talos 3-10 500 4th age

Noah walked into the Hollow leg Tavern. He had not been there in awhile and he was craving some wine. The place was relatively quiet, there were only three groups in there eating breakfast. Only one had women with them so he moved near by. He noted that a cougar was near what appeared to be a half elf. He motioned Mortimer to stir up some action. Mortimer obliged by hissing at the cat. This initiated the conversation.

He joined the group and found out their names. He thought that he might have spied on them on their journeys through Chimorrow but they seemed ignorant of where they had been. One of them was to be a Chevron within these lands. Hopefully they would record what they had seen and remember. He decided that he would offer his services if needed.

Faith Mistseeker looked at the structure going up and was bored. This was not what she wanted to be doing. She would obey the orders but hoped that the structure would be finished soon. Ewan, the priest of Oghma was a nice guy but a little dull. Dorian the sheriff was sniffing about interested in her but she wasn’t interested in him at all. She went to the Bitter waters tavern to have something to eat and to maybe drink her boredom away.

While in the tavern she spied asgar, and his friends “Tet” Magiercaulen and Nora along with a new person a female. She flushed a bit as she greeted Asgar and the others. It was good to see him and his companions. She wondered if the new companion had made advances on Asgar or perhaps the other way. She sat and had a drink with them but needed to get some rest, perhaps with asgar but he didn’t didn’t seem receptive so she went to her quarters and went to sleep.

Fletcher Crispus beamed with some pride as one of his charges was going to amount for something. He felt pride as he laid the chevron symbol on asgars shoulders and handed him the weapon. He knew in his heart that Asgar would do a good job for the church.

cleaning out the tower

Talos 1,2,3 500 4th age

The group made a decision to gather everything that they could within the tower. Asgar would guard the door to the third floor while Nora and Tet went up to the 4th floor to investigate the heraldic symbols on the floor. Tetalanirdenlauss Magiercaulen decided to step on the non witchking symbol. He felt a out of body experience as he moved from the tower through space and ended up nearer to the sun. He looked at a room that seemed musty and dirty. There was a table with several chairs, each of varying sizes and a map on the wall.

In the meantime, Nora stepped on the one with the witchkings heraldic symbol. She too felt the out of body experience and traveled in a northern direction to a tower that appeared to be made of bone. She entered into a chamber and was standing in front of a throne room that had skulls as it motif.

In the meantime, Makoa and Allissa were looking that the spots that they discovered. Makoa found gems, and a ring with some documents. Allissa in the meantime, found a locked small chamber and unlocked it. A silvery snakelike creature flew out and attacked her inflicting significant damage on Allissa. The snake was destroyed and a simple helm was found within the space.

The group moved down to the first floor and began to discover what else there was to be found. The two large crates were opened to reveal chairs when sat in created a great deal of comfort for the sitter. The game board was discovered to be magical one which played games against an opponent. There was also a chest in the back which had lozenges which were potions of healing, a shroud of natural armor, a sextant. The group spent much of the time in discussion about the split of the items. It was finally agreed on and the group returned to the hollow leg.

Makoa, who had the smelly chest, found a set of gauntlets within the box and gave them to the group as he left.


Shar 30 500 4th age

The group rested up and went back into the tower. They were looking over the the skeleton and determining where things were at. Allissa noted discolorations on the wall and determined that pictures had hung up there before. Makoa determined that the desk drawers had false bottoms on it. The group discussed and decided to clear out the tower before finally clearing out the place. asgar led the group up the stairs.

At the next level the group hear something moving about and prepared. A undead wearing clothing that indicated that it might have been a priest of Mask came out and attacked Asgar striking him. Allisa tried to tumble by and failed. Makoa came up and hit the creature but was struck himself. The creature was beaten and the group moved in. There were two Heraldic symbols on the floor. Asgar identified one of them as being of the WitchKings

Asgar, Nora and allissa move to the roof. There they noticed the roof was in sad shape. The edges were crumbling and Nora experimented a bit with the edge to see if it would hold her weight. It was there that she noticed three horses that weren’t there before. Below Tetalanirdenlauss Magiercaulen and Makoa noted that there were voices below. The group rallied on the 4th floor. They noted the intruders. Two were human, one of them a priest of Cyric and a dwarf. The priest spoke to the group as they were also noticed. His name was Bleys and he tried to convince the group that they should share what they had found. The groups response was in the negative. A fight ensued. Asgar was hit hard as was Makoa during the fight but the group got the three to surrender. The group grilled the three of them and found out that they were essentially doing the same thing as the group. The three were released and left. The group healed up and rested.

Back to the Hollow Leg

Shar 10-17 500 4th age

The group decided to go the surface for it was felt that they had achieved pretty much what they had set out to do. At the top, a cougar appeared and approached Nora. The rest of the group watched the cat with some trepidation until it was finally discovered that it was friendly to Nora.

The group made it back to the Hollow leg Tavern and noticed that it was busy. Apparently a group of Cyric followers had met their demise while trekking north. The bodies were discovered by followers of Talos. The group listened to the conversation which was loud. Davor, a adversary of asgar was denouncing the idea that the group was done in by something or someone named the Ice Falcon. Davor blamed it on Talos or Mask.

In the meantime,the group concluded business with Mort, selling off carpets and a Duegar religious tome. They also received a down payment from Gargrim for the stone tablet that he was going to take to the dwarves of the west.

Davor noticed Asgar and tried to bait him but was unsuccessful. In his anger he swatted at a kitten that had hissed at him. A half orc got upset about the cuffing of the kitten and wanted Davor to apologize for the incident but didnt get it. The half orc came over and introduced himself to the group. He was a comrade of Ynaria, a rogue that had been with the group in the past. She had told Makoa about Asgar and suggested he meet him out here in the wilderness. He had information about a tower in in the Mortain Woods that could contain treasure. The group agreed to it.


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