Shadows of Beldorn

Night of despair

Cyric 20 501 4th age

The group met with Fletcher Crispus and the Magnus of Mystra. The group was also introduced to Nicodamus who is a friend of Fletchers and a scholar on Chimorrow.

The group dressed in their finest clothes and was taken to the castle for the party. It was a festive event and the group mingled. Asgar was surrounded by various girls, Tet met with one of the ward leaders, a lady named Veronica, while Nora tried to converse with the girls hanging on Asgar and Nicodamus was also entertaining the girls.

It was near midnight when a fireball and smoke went off in the dance area. The crowd panicked and tried to flee. Frederick shouted out to protect the king whom had been introduced to the crowd awhile before. The group assisted with the crowd control. When things settled down, the group noticed that both Fletcher and the Magnus were missing. A search ensued and the body of the Magnus was found near the stage. The king wanted somebody to take the body upstairs. Asgar swept up the lifeless body and took it upstairs. The king pointed to a simple looking bed and the Magnus was laid in it. The king took out a diamond and set it upon the chest of the Magnus. The diamond began to glow as did the body. The diamond disappeared but the body was not revived.

The Magnus body had a simple glass statuette lying atop her. It was in the shape of a bird. It was the sign of the legendary assassin, the Ice Falcon. This symbol was always left at the site of important assassinations according to legend. The Ice Falcon, according to which story you might believe is either an immortal assassin or a order, he or it has existed since the near beginning of recorded history and always is a sign of some harbinger of change to come. Some actually suspect that the Falcon is a avatar of the God Mask, who is nicknamed the hidden one by many.

The group then looked for Fletcher and it was also unsuccessful. Angry and discouraged the group went back to the temples where they found one of Fletchers Bodyguards dead and impaled on the temple door. There was a note. The group heard a noise from within the temple and cautiously moved into it. There they found Colby, a young man that they had met with in the past. He was frightened as he seen the bodyguard killed but the beast was unable to enter the temple. They calmed him down.

The group then read the note. It stated that Fletcher was a prisoner and that Lothar required the groups assistance to clear something out and he would then release Fletcher. This started a discussion among the group. The signal for approval would be the burning of the note. It was finally decided to light the note.

Asgar's birthday

Cyric 17-20 4th age

The group left Haven to go to Glascow. The trip was pretty uneventful except for a encounter with a frost giant and three winter wolves. The group reached Glascow on Asgars birthday and found that there is to be a celebration of the Ward elections in Glascow that night. There Asgar met an old Friend, Frederick who is a Cavalier who protects the king.

asgar met with Fletcher Crispus and spoke of things going on in Chimorrow. Fletcher spoke of a disappearance of a group of followers of Talos and the complaint by Miller the priest of Talos. Asgar told Fletcher of his experience with Miller. Fletcher proceeded to ask the group if they wished to go to the celebration and would need some new clothing..


Dolgrim looked through his wet bloody hair which hung limply in front of his eyes. He looked at his captors. Piercing grey eyes looked back as well as the dark orcish eyes. None of them showed any mercy in them. He tried to remember how he gotten to this spot. He had left the group that he worked with in removing the skulls from Lothars demesne. He was hunting a really nice eight point buck that would provide him with meat until spring. He was about ready to shoot it when he was tackled and knocked unconscious. He awoke in this place. It wasn’t the cave that he and the others had tackled but another cave. He looked at the head captor, Lothar.

Lothar leaned towards Dolgrim and leered at him. “I trust that you are comfortable. Did you know that I dislike thieves in particular” Dolgrim attempted to spit but his mouth was dry. “I will find your friends and do what to them that I will do to you. One of them is a Chevron of Tyr so it won’t be hard to find him. Do you know his name and that of his companions?” Lothar hissed slightly.

Dolgrim, through his gritted teeth spoke “I don’t know them. They were incidental baggage when I robbed your place.” Lothar reached and touched Dolgrim with a almost femine caress. He could feel his life essence drain. Lothar smiled as Dolgrims life energy passed into him. “You, my friend will be assisting me whether or not you wish to.” Dolgrim began to sweat as the cold clammy hands of the undead began to touch him.

Northern Haverstan

Cyric 15-17 501 4th age

The group decided to head west to move through norther Haverstan. The primary reason was that they knew that a friend Dabril had been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and imprisoned at the Great Wheel Prison in Haven. “Tet” Magiericaulen also had some business with a Loremaster named Osman.

When they first came across the hills they spied the village of Barnham and the large structure that was next to it. The townsfolk were friendly enough and they met the master of the Structure. He was a halfling named Mordiki and the structure was a temple that was named the soaring Eagle temple. He was teaching some of his students his skills.

The group passed through Whispering Pines and made it to Haven by nightfall. There they met an old Friend Zeke who had been made the temple head in Haven. Tet also met with Osman as Tet was contemplating the path of Loremaster for himself. In the morning the group went up the the Great Wheel Prison and had a conversation with Dabril.

a happy ending

Cyric 12-15 501 4th age

The group brought Caladrel from the island. Tets calming words kept him quiet. Noah showed up and apologized for not being of more help. He had an incident to the east which required his attention. Noah suggested that the group contact Variel and Suemral of the Saedae Clan. The group was reluctant to do this because of their earlier contact with the clan.

Noah offered to be a go between for the group and they agreed to it. A short journey brought them to the clan compound. Variel and Suemral greeted the group and offered them hospitality. Another voice interrupted the conversation. It was the elf that had been hostile to the group. His name is Thorinas and he was assigned to be the defender of the woods. He was forced to be silent by Variel. Suemaral looked at Caladrel and offered to cast a healing spell on him. The group allowed it and Caladrels mind cleared up. He found out that he was responsible for the death of two younger elves while he was not of a clear mind. He offered himself for a Navain to the clan. The Navain meant that he was bound to the clan and could be summoned to aid the clan when they needed it. The full ceremony would take a full week. Also Ethell who had offered himself to the clan as a prisoner for the clan was released.

The group said its good byes and headed back south. A couple of days of travel, they noted a pillar of smoke and investigated it. It was a wagon with four adults, two halfling adults and five children. Two of the spokes on a wheel were broken. The group was from the east near the town of Adlac. They were called Rhomers and spoke a different language that the group knew of from personal experience. The group claimed that they were perscuted by the locals there and left. All of the folks had a tattoo on their left cheek. The group stayed and had dinner with the Rhomers. The children were enamored of Asgar. Tet, the next day, cast the tongues spell and make whole spell to repair the wagon wheel. The wheel was fixed and the group moved on. The group discovered at the end of the day that they were missing some minor things.

finding Caladrel

Cyric 9-11 501 4th age

The group continued to travel north. The only encounter was with two giants who attempted to hunt humans while hunting bison. The group reached the Trawyn Forest in the evening. During the watches asgar was surprised by a group of elves and their animals. The elves were decidedly unfriendly.

The elves wanted to know why they were there and with a member of another clan whom the elves also disliked. asgar and Ethell explained the situation with Caladrel. The elves knew of Caladrel and the fight at the 1000 spears site. The elves were upset with the fight on the sacred land and the fact that Caladrel had killed some of their people. Ethell offered to be their prisoner if they would let hie friends find Caladrel. The elves did agree with reluctantly and allowed the group to hunt for him, but with the proviso of only two sun ups to find him.

“Tet” Magiericaulen used a sending spell and again tried to communicate with Caladrel. He got information that Caladrel was near a body of water. Trillian knew of a body of water in the area and led them to the site. Tet did a locate object and found that a piece of clothing Caladrel had led him to the island in the center of the lake.

The group used Noralith Andonna swan boat to cross the lake. There Tet found Caladrel in a sad shape.

crossing the land

Cyric 6-8 501 4th age

the group continued some of its discussion about what was happening. “Tet” Magiericaulen tried a sending spell to find Caladrel to see if he were still alive. What he got was a response that was confused and incoherent. The group had tried to contact Noah a Druid that they had met before to possibly aid them. He did show up and agreed to aid the group. He changed into a wolf to get the scent from Caladrels aid Ethell who had a piece of clothing. Noah then changed into a eagle and left to help find Caladrel.

The trip has mostly been uneventful except the group was attacked by a Chimera and Tets second attempt at sending also revealed that Caladrel seems to be haunted by those whom he has slain in the past. Noah has also been able to keep in contact and suggested that when they get to the Trawyn Forest that they contain the subclan leader of the Saelas Variel.

Ethells tale

Cyric 4-5 501 4th age

The group looked at the fortress house and found out that there had been strange sounds and lights coming from the hell spiral the last day or so. asgar and Dorian decided that they would stay and guard the space along with Nora. “Tet” Magiericaulen in the meantime had been summoned to the Bitter Waters tavern. As he got there, he foundEthell and another elf whom he later found out his name Trilain Spellweaver. Trilian had found an unconcious Ethell. Ethell stated that he failed Caladrel. He and Caladrel had retreated and finally allowed lothar to bring the fight to them. During the fight, Ethell had been nearly killed and his axebeak took him from the fight. The two elves failed to find Caladrel and Ethell was not healing properly. He asked Trilian to take him to Borderland gap. In the morning the group met an old friend Allissa Valentine who had wandered off about a month before.

In the meantime, Asgar and Dorian were nearly lulled to sleep by the fading light when a flash from the spiral nearly blinded them. A demon had come out of the spiral. Asgar, Nora and Dorian made short work of the demon.

The group left the next day and made to the Hollow leg Tavern. It was packed with various folks. One of the folks began to heckle Asgar. Asgar took exception with the person who was named Willie. He was quieted by another man whose name was Miller. Miller sent willie outside and wanted to speak with Asgar. In the meantime, Allissa followed Willie outside and was followed in turn by Trilian.

Miller wanted Asgar to work with him in taking care of the followers of Cyric. Asgar would not commit and forced Miller to acknowledge that he had a spy in in the Cyric camp and that the Cyric followers were going to set up an ambush for the Talos followers. Allissa had at the same time coerced willie to say that Miller had paid him to bait Asgar.

Gem and Gargrim

Shar 17-20 500 4th age

Gem Greenbottle and Gargrim left the hollow leg to go to Galtek to sell the Orchalium and the book telling of the ablity to forge it. Gargrim left some money with his friends as a down payment. The two of them traveled for a couple of days on the southern route. This took them to the town of Cormac, a small farming community. They entered the town and went to the store for there was no real tavern about.

They found the store empty but heard some groaning from behind a counter. The found the owner of the establishment coming to from a blow to the head. He had just been robbed. Gem and Gargrim went out and found the bad guy looking for a barn. The owner had also mentioned that the bad guy was his horse was dead and was looking for a new one. The two of them attacked and subdued the bad guy, whose name was Joaquin, a minor bandit in the area.

They tied Joaquin and put him in a store room as they were going to take him to Durstan and hand him off to the authorities. They also met the owners daughter. During the night, Gem who had first watch, nodded off and slept through the night as did Gargrim. They found that the bandit was gone and only a single drop of blood would hint that there was anybody there. The two of them left

Heading back

Talos 25-Cyric 4 501 4th age

The group spoke with The Magnus about the skulls and the the jar that they found but didnt open. The Magus opened the jar and found that there was a ring within with Manfreds symbol on it. A slight wind and all of them could feel a tinge on their minds. Nora sensed that a bearded man was beckoning to her.

The Magnus quickly put the ring back in the jar and closed it. She proclaimed it to be a soulring and was dangerous. The group left and went to the white deer and had a good nights sleep. While eating breakfast the group met a young lady namedAllison
whom they found was going to be the new temple priest in border gap. She was to meet with Fletcher Crispus in the morning. The group went with her and met with fletcher. The group left for borderland gap. They stopped in Coalmore where they had another meet with Mathias.

The group finally ended up in borderland gap


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