Shadows of Beldorn

Gem and Gargrim

Talos 19-20 500 4th age

Gem and Gargrim left the town of Cormac and made it to Two Rivers where they met a friend Riter, Kurin and Vernon. Vernon asked the two if they would be willing to adventure with the group. Gargrim and Gem agreed as long as the adventure was in the west.

Vernon mentioned that the site of the adventure was the old Vanthan Manor near Ames. Marcus Vanthan was a baron in the past who was known to be a follower of Cyric and other unnamed folks. The house was said to be a place of horrors. One day Marcus was found hanged in the place and the family and folks there fled the evil place where it fell into ruins. Stories told of a fortune that was there and many had tried, but nobody succeeded.

The group traveled to Ames during a time of the killer cold, a period where temperatures drop excessively. In Ames they met a half orc named Nesturak. the group had been told that sometimes bandits were rumored to have used the manor as a base. It was during this conversation with the owners of the bar, that Nesturak became interested in the conversation. Gem Greenbottle had semi accused Nesturak of being one of the bandits and also had called him a half breed which nesturak disliked.


Helm 5,6 501 4th age

The group followed the trail of the ambushers of the two factions further into the hills, where they were eventually ambushed. Dolanar nearly died in the fight but the heroes prevailed taking two prisoners,while one fled away. There were ten ambushers, one of which was apparently a priest. The ambushers were human who were riding Axebeaks, which surprised the group.

the hunt is on

Helm 2,3,4 501 4th Age

The group, looking at the stone house debated on what they wanted to do when Caladrel asked if he and ethell could be of some assistance. They offered to watch to see if Ewan would come back while they travelled to the Leg. The group accepted.

When the group got there, they could see a disturbance outside. Miller, Skrit Stonebreaker, Davor, Ruth Longwanderer, Markus and Zachary in a heated debate. There was a crowd around them. asgar strode forward to quell the argument and to move it inside the Leg.

Finally like herding a group of unruly children, Asgar got the group together and listened to their complaints. It seemed that both of them were attacked somewhere outside the leg and each had arrows from the other side which were pulled from the victims. Dolanar searched around and found many arrows similar to those which were used on the groups. Asgar finally got some sort of agreement for a truce while the group searched out the area of the ambush. The only reason was that the factions agree was that it could be that Mask-Myscarah could be involved. They agreed to a single week of truce.

During the stay Ruth agreed to go along with the group and they had a exchange with Skrit and Mort, both whom were friends. In the morning the group left as did the factions to their respective temples.

the group made it to the area that was guessed to be the ambush site. There Dolanar and Ruth discovered tracks, which were axebeak tracks, but before they could leave. Nora was attacked by a forest drake, which was kind of rare in the area.

After the creature was dispatched, the group moved to the north to follow the axebeak trails. After about a day of searching the group discovered a campfire. The group moved up cautiously except for Asgar whom walked into the camp. There they discovered three men from Lucien, their attired indicated military training. They were somewhat friendly. Their names were Jesus, Miguel and Ramon. Dolanar managed to get a glimpse of what appeared to be fine quality maps before the group moved on.

Ewan is gone

Helm 1,2 501 4th age

The group was in discussion when the first signs of a fight breaking out appeared. A thrown mug and shouting from near the stage at the Bitter Waters. Asgar and Dolanar got up to find out what was going on. Asgar ducked a near blow to the back of his head, while Tet ended up being punched and Nicodemus got tossed onto a table.

The entire place erupted into a nasty fight as factions of Talos and Cyric seemed to attack anything nearby. Dolanar got up on a table to have a better view and two folks attempted to overturn the table. Dolanar made a nifty leap to keep from being knocked down.

Finally the fight died down as Dorian’s red sashes came in to enforce the peace. It was discovered that two folks had died in the fight. One from each faction. Zachary, the follower of Cyric who had not participated in the fight watched as the Red sashes took away the rabble.

Another person, a follower of Talos had verbally accosted Asgar during the brawl, his name was Markus Deleon, and he had some words with Asgar. After Markus left, Zachary came over and told the group, mostly Asgar and Dolanar that Markus was a priest of Talos and that they had made an enemy of him. Dolanars only crime was to hit him with a mug as he advanced on Asgar.

Things quieted down and the group slept. During the morning meal, Dorian was ordering pancakes when Allison came in. Asgar and the others listened and left just behind Allison and Dorian. They came upon a body being removed from the Stone House. The stone house had been built to contain the hellspirals that Dabril had constructed. The body was that of one of the red sashes and Ewan
was missing.

A speak with the dead spell revealed that a creature with tentacles and pinchers had appeared in a blinding flash and had attacked and killed the red sash. The group discussed the situation and guessed that either Ewan was dead or had traveled the hell spiral to save himself from the creature.

In the meantime the two factions had left within minutes of each other to go to the hollow leg.

a mission to do

Cyric 27-31, Helm 1 501 4th age

The group talked to Fletcher Crispus about what Asgar’s mission was to be back in Chimmorrow. There was talk of a conflict between Cyric and Talos, both enemies of the Tyr religion. Fletcher wished to stop any bloodshed as it would help to play in Lothars hands. Tet found out that Carlos was going to shutter the temple in Glascow and move the seat of power to Lucien. Caladrel and ethell offered to ride with the group. Their was talk of another deity who was orchestrating the entire scenario. This deities name was Mask.

The group made it to Durstan where there were rumors of a army being led by a Prophet from the country of Lucien that was going to invade north. During the stay a follower of Cyric named Zachary appeared in the bar. Asgar decided to question him, Zachary remained polite in response to the questions, many of them personal. Although Zachary responded that he was heading east to Chimorrow and asked if he could ride with the party, he was not invited but seemed to always be in sight of the group as they traveled to border gap on their way to the Hollow leg.

The group stopped at their favorite watering hole in the town the bitter waters. While supping there, Dorian andFaith Mistseeker walked in together. it was evident that they were an item. Zachary also came in and began to speak with some folks. Faith and Dorian mentioned that the town was busy with lots of folks moving to the east. Many of them were followers of both Cyric and Talos.

the burial of the Magnus

Cyric 24,25,26 501 4th age.

The group was around Fletcher as he awoke from a restful nights sleep. There was discussion of what happened to him while in captivity. Fletcher surmised that he was either kept within the caverns of Mt Artan or in the caverns below Fort Defiance. He was determined to find out where he was kept.

In the meantime the various priests of Mystra began to show up for the meeting originally but to attend the funeral. The group scattered into different groups. Asgar and Nora with Fletcher, Dolanar with Caleb and Tet and Nic were with Carlos the Mystra priest from Lucien.

The funeral came off the next day and was a nice ceremony. Many dignitaries were there, the king, Caldarel and Ethell, and others. The various priests of Mystra said some words. The crystals laid about the body of the Magnus glowed indicating that her spirit was part of the magic that is about in the world. Here were the words from Tet concerning his mentor;

“Today we celebrate and remember the life of the Magnus, she was a kind
and wise woman who never faltered when faced with an adversary. She taught me that we can
always prevail, even if we must do so by teaching others to prevail in our stead. This tragedy has served to strengthen my resolve and show me some of who I am. I only wish that I was able to thank her in person for all she had done for me and my friends. Thank you, Magnus”

Asgar and the others were asked to go back to the Chimorrow area to stop the possible bloodshed between Cyric and Talos and to see what was the cause.

Tet in the meantime was asked to vote in various states as a way to help make the quorum for the Official meeting. he was also allowed to vote for the replacement for the magnus. The new Magnus is Carlos.

fletcher is returned

Cyric 21, 22,23 400 4th age

“Tet” Magiericaulen after speaking with Cameron Of Oghma about possible spells found himself at the door of Silas, a wizard whom he did not not, knocking on his door at 4 in the morning. Silas answered the door half asleep and listened to Tets idea. Internally Silas wanted to polymorph him for bothering his sleep but as he awoke he sensed that the young priest was ernest in what he wanted. Silas was also a follower of Mystra so he talked about a long disused spell that he had copies of in his possession. He asked if one of them was a true wizard in the group and was informed no. Silas grumbled as he dressed and went down after telling tet to get there.

In the meantime the group was in a discussion about the true book and the fake. Noralith Andonna and Dolanar wanted to hide it. Caleb Bartow iwanted it to be taken to the inquisitors tower to be hidden. Tet shows up and says he has the ability to have the book at least seem like what it is. The enchantment is laid upon the fake book and the group is off.

It is near dawn on Tabletop Hill. the group sees humanoid figures on the mountain and one calls Asgars name. Its conditions for Fletchers release are given. Nora, in the meantime does something strange and refuses to give the book and begins to flee the area. Nicodamus blasts the horse with a magic missile. Asgar and Nicodamus then take the book from Nora and ride up the hill. The book is left and Fletcher is picked up by Asgar and the group returns to the city. Fletcher is feebleminded but Cameron the priest of Oghma does a heal spell on him.

Just before the group turns in for a well deserved rest, Tet spots a fancy wagon near the Mystra temple. Courious about it, he finds out that a Priest of Mystra named Carlos has emerged and has travelled from Lucien for the meeting that is to take place soon. Asgar finds that he is suspicious of Carlos.

During the groups rest, Tet and Asgar are visited in their dreams by a creature with the name of Savinan. He offers each of them something for a payment. Both refuse.

The next day Carlos is setting up the funeral for the Magnus and the meeting that is to come for the temple

One book, two books

Cyric 21 about 4am. 501 4th age

The group continued its trek through the vault. Nora was out of spells, Tet nearly so. Frederick was still unconscious. Dolanar discovered a secret place in the wall and fended off some traps and pulled out a book that was 2×2 and clad in black iron. The group then had Nicodamus cast his mage hand to open the book and found that it was trapped, fortunately nobody was close by to be fried by the trap.

An examination of the book revealed it to be a fake book. The group moved on to the door at the back of the room. It was locked but was opened, the first thing that was felt by Asgar was the presence of Evil within the room. It was from a book with the same characteristics as the other book. Nora and Nic used mage hands in combination attempt to move the book off the table. Nora had to help touch the book to get it into a haversack that she owned. Dolanar made a search of the room finding nothing.

The group did a quick discussion and moved out of the vault to the main temple below. There was a discussion on whether or not lotharwould be allowed to get this book. Asgar went to his temple to ask for divine guidance and the group moved along.

Asgar made prayer and heard a voice which was actually Caleb Bartow who was talking to him. A rough decision was made to give Lothar the fake book with various enchantments to represent what the group had discovered from the detect magic that had been cast earlier.

Battered, bruised but undefeated

Cyric 21st 3am 501 4th age

The group continued to look in the room where the golem had stopped attacking. There were three doors, the one that they had entered the room and one to the north and one to the south. Noralith Andonna had determined that there was a pit trap in front of the southern door but was unable to determine whether or not there was an additional one on the northern door. There was but a quick casting of feather fall stopped asgar from falling into a 30 foot deep pit with spikes. Nora herself was less than fortunate and fell in when she attempted to jump the pit to the doorway. Asgar then found himself behind a door sliding down from where the original door was. Asgar was seperated from the group so he followed the short corridor as he heard sounds like metal banging against stone. He found what appeared to be a suit in the hallway and there was a pully of some sort which caused the banging of the weapon against the wall.

Dolanar in the meantime was ordered in by Caleb and worked his way down to the level of the group. After some questioning he was allowed to proceed with the group. The group went down some additonal corridors with out much problem and soon entered another room with a similar golem to the one in the previous room. “Tet” Magiericaulen attempted the same group of words which worked in the last room but didnt have any success and was hit for his efforts. Asgar and Frederick attacked in unison and the creature concentrated his attacks on Frederick and soon dropped him. The fight was long and nasty and in the end the creature was defeated but the wounds inflicted by the creature were difficult to heal. In the end Frederick was still down, Asgar, Tet and Nora were wounded with only Nicodamus and Dolanar were unharmed.

six hours

Cyric 21 501 4th age

The group lit the note and it burned with a strange greenish hue. While the group was waiting, the servant girl of the Magnus came out with a note for Tet. It was from the Magnus and was written before her death.

To Tet:
This is to be given to you in case I was unavailable when you came by as I was planning to meet with Damien in Windell. Fletcher and I are of the opinion that Lothar has made a deal with a Harvester devil. This means that Lothar may be working on borrowed time to achieve his goals. He has been granted temporary powers by the devil, which makes him very dangerous. We believe that his goal is to open Stilletto to access more power but we believe that he lacks the means of getting into it as it is still protected by its previous owners.
I have been having dreams of death and destruction. Fletcher so far has not had them so I suspect that it is Lothar attempting to work his way into my mind, but it is little more than annoyance.
In a more happy note, I would like to invite you to the council meeting on Helm the first. We are expecting that most of the council would make it to this meeting. I would like you to meet some of them. I have spoken to them about you and they would care to meet you.


After “Tet” Magiericaulen had read the report to the group. lothar appeared. His visage was scarred and he tended to cough. He wanted a book in exchange for Fletcher Crispus and told the group that it was in the vaults below the temple of Mystra. the book was named the Codex of Merrex. Merrex was a demonlogist of a previous age. He gave the group six hours to get the book and bring it to a hilltop south of the city. The group asked for proof that he had Fletcher and Lothar tossed a ring which many knew was Fletchers. The group agreed and began the search. It took some time to find the entrance to the vaults as it was not common knowledge to the group.

They found a stairwell down to the vault that contained the Codex. They entered into a series of long corridors which asgar noted and spotted many of the traps but he missed one and the group became seperated by walls. Asgar and Noralith Andonna ended up in a fight with a fleshy construct which did significant damage to Asgar but ended up being destroyed. Asgar, Nora and Nicodamus found the lever which released the walls. The group next found a large room that had even a nastier creature which pounded Asgar mercilessly. Asgar fought back hard as well as Frederick. It appeared that the creature would get the upper hand on the fighters when Tet with a flash of insight said the following: I tet Magiericaulen, in the name of Mystra command you to stop fighting. The creature responded and went back to its starting point much to the relief of Frederick and Asgar. the group stopped to heal themselves up.


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