Shadows of Beldorn

the discovery

Aria 1-3 501 4th age

The group spoke with the prisoners at length. Their names were Howell and Gritzh. They had been hired to poison the sacred pond. Their hirers were two women with strange accents and were located in fort Defiance. They were paid some 500 gold and would receive an additional 500 after returning to the fort. As for the reason why, they did not know. Dolanar determined that the contain held a purplish poison.

The group decided to head back to Borderland Gap to put the two into a cell. Reaching Borderland they dropped off the prisoners and spoke with Ewan who relayed his tale of escape from peril some months ago. It was during this discussion with Ewan that Asgar spotted Caleb Bartow along with two men he didn’t know came into the Bitter Waters. Asgar went to speak with Caleb and found him uptight, distant and angry. One of the men with Caleb went over and checked out the group being slightly insulting.

The group decided to head back to Glascow to get instructions from Fletcher Crispus
about other information that they had gleaned from the prisoners and Caleb, that a wizard named Verigas somehow had been freed from being imprisoned and was thought to be in the Shadowwood.

old friends leave new ones come

Helm 16-Aria 1 501 4th age

The winter snows slowly begin to make way for the new spring. The group said goodbye to a old friend during this period. “Tet” Magiericaulen decided to pursue other interests and made gifts for his friends before leaving. It was an emotional goodbye and some tears were split.

As Tet disappeared into the distance, some of the group noticed a rider approaching the Hollow Leg. It was a gnome riding a large boar. Nicodamus looked at the new gnome and both gnomes compared the length of their noses. (did you know that Gnomes measured social status by the length of their noses in comparison to others.) Nic determined that his status was higher. the new gnome deferring to Nic asked about an axe of law.

Nic guessed that the gnome needed to meet asgar. He met asgar and told him that he was to join Asgars group. The word of Baervan told him so. Asgar had known that he needed to go to mt Veldoss to dip his Axe SAGA into the pond to cleanse and purify his axe for the trials to come.

The group left and made it to Mt Veldoss, where they ran into two characters attempting to enter the site. One of the defenders and a dog were put down by what appeared to be sleeping poisons. The defender inside was a halfling who was being beat down. The group saved the hafling.

death of lothar

Helm 15, 501 4th age

Lothar opened his assault on the group with a chain lightning and then a cloud kill. The group fought back. Skrit and Noah contributed to the groups defense. Eventually, Lothar was knocked out. Hawk had fallen to the cloud kill that lothar had cast.

As the unconscious lothar was being tended to, the group heard a applause and well done statement from a voice, the group turned around and noticed a well dress red skinned man with a tail and what looked like a smiling shark. Both Asgar and Tet had seen this person before in their dreams. His name was Savris and he was a dealer of souls.

He told the group that he had made a deal with lothar, and that savris was going to collect Lothars soul. Asgar wanted some information and Savris granted him two hours of time before he collected the soul. First Lothar attempted to bargain with Asgar before any information would be given. When Asgar said no, Lothar essentially refused to make any answers but implied that he would the be lesser of the evils that will be plaguing the region soon.

When pressed, Lothar just smiled. Nora did the coup de grace. Savris went over to Lothars body and took the soul and left.

Enter Lothar

Helm 14, 501 4th age

The group decided to ask Noah for assistance in dealing with Hawk and Lothar. Skrit began the burial of Dolgrin Magmaholder who was killed by Hawks arrows.

About a day after sending off a bird to find Noah, a eagle landed carrying a large badger. It was Noah with his pet Mortimer. He listened to the situation and agreed to aid the group. He mentioned that he was dealing with something in eastern Chimorrow.

He communed with nature and told the group that there was a person within close range, another about a mile out and others at various distances and known, like the population of Borderland Gap and the temples to the north.

Nicodamus went out the door, became invisible, and began to fly. He began looking around the grounds. He noticed something near the barn and messaged asgar. The group went out and was pretending to leave to try and draw him out. The group actually left the barn and rounded the corner. When nothing occurred, Asgar and Nora got off their horses and went to see what was going on. They lifted a tarp finding a man under it, he was rolled over and a trap went off as well as a skull which began to shriek loudly.

Both Asgar and Nora took damage. Tet healed them with a channeling spell. soon they could hear a galloping of a horse from the north. The group looked in that direction and saw that it was hawk galloping towards them. Tet cast a hold person on Hawk and it succeeded, Nora tackled Hawk off the horse and soon Hawk was tied up. the hold was dismissed and asked why he would do something so foolish when he was patient before. His response was that I was told to do that.

A voice from above said yes, I did tell him to do that. the group looked up it was Lothar

discussion and attack

Helm 13, 501 4th age

The group awoke with Skrit awake and making breakfast. A discussion ensued about what to to do. Mort was called in to explain more about what kind of purchases that he was making for Hawk. The group decided that probably a raise dead scroll would be useful in case there was a problem. Tet pointed out that that he may not be able to be raised as the arrow of slaying might have a death effect. Skrit pointed out that maybe the evil temples might be interested in revenge for the deaths of the priests but was not thought to be a serious thought.

Dolanar looked out the window and saw somebody staggering toward the Leg. He yelled for Asgar, who also jumped and ran out. Dolanar received two arrows as he was running to the figure whom appeared to be a dwarf. Dolanar and the others began to look around for the archer. Asgar picked up the figure and began to return to the tavern. Nic, Nora and tet took awhile but finally picked out that it was Hawk shooting. Hawk put a couple of arrows into Nora as well as the dwarf that Asgar was valiantly trying to get back. Noras flaming sphere and nics fireballs put hawk to retreat.

Once inside Asgar looked at the victim and recognized him as Dolgrim, a dwarf whom had been a companion of the group for awhile. On his body was a note addressed from Lothar. It read Here is your friend, we took fine care of him. I am disappointed in your lack of progress in finishing this up. Look North and come. I will be there.


Helm 12, 13 501 4th age

The group met up with Caladrel and Ethell at the Hollow leg. They had been waiting for the group as Ewan had made it back to Borderland Gap. They were explaining that Ewan had seen strange and interesting to him. He spoke of a port and a city on plateaus and that the people there spoke strange tongues.

The two elves then got up to leave to the east and were saying their goodbyes when a bearded half elf came in with piercing grey eyes. He was dressed in furs and his style was different from those whom the group had met with before. He sat by himself and summoned Skrit to order. He also whispered to Skrit about something.

The elf looked at the group like he was evaluating them. Tet picked himself up and sat down with the elf. He asked him his name. His reply was Hawk. Tet pressed the conversation. Do you hunt and the answer was a simple yes. Intelligent beings? Again the answer was yes.

Tet decided that discretion was the better part of valor and left back to the group. It was about this time that Mort came in and spoke with Hawk. Hawk handed Mort a list and a bag. it was obvious that Morts’ eyes lit up a bit with the list.

Mort left. Tet tried to convince Asgar that having Hawk along would be a good deal but Asgar was in a deep thinking mood and wasn’t into having an assassin with the group. Eventually Nora, Tet and NIc decided that sleep was a good thing and left for the cabin that skrit kept for them

Asgar and Dolanar stayed to have addition drinks with Skrit

The trio in the cabin awoke to fire and smoke as they ran out arrows pummeled them. Nics Magical ring protected him from damage while tet took several arrows. the three of them looked for whom was firing. A shout went up alerting Asgar and the crew in the tavern

The guy firing was finally identified as Hawk and he just disappeared from their sight. Angered by this and remembering that mort had spoken to him. The group moved onto morts place. He had just awoken from the noise.

When confronted by the group, he told the group that Hawk had placed orders for arrows of slaying and that Mort had one already for a divine slaying.

the group then rushed to where Hawk was staying. There they found drawings of themselves and a note addressed to the group. I am going to slay the lot of you. tonights action was just a test of what you might have for protection. The game is now afoot.


new plot twists

HELM 10, 11 4TH AGE

After Alain claimed that he was not a member of the church of Mask and that he was part of a bandit group, Asgar did a zone of truth from a item that he had received from Fletcher Crispus. Although alain and Matthew, the other prisoners had strong wills they broke down and confessed. Alain said that he was under a compulsion that was preventing him from speaking the truth. Both were low level workers for Mask. The group didnt recall that Alain was under any sort of compulsion when they put him in the jail. Dorian the town authority said that the only visitor was a half elf bard named Zirul who often visited the jail.

The two priests with the group, Zachary and Markus were willing to extend the truce based on this information although Markus was more hesistant. But the group needed to rest before returning to the various temples of the priests. The group went to the Bitter waters where they ran into Zirul whom was eating and getting ready to leave. There was a brief conversation with him and he left.

After resting the group rode back again by nightfall to the temples. After a ride through the night they came upon the temple of Talos. They spotted a single body on the snowy ground with blood scattered about. Markus rode off screaming in panic towards the temple. The others followed but nobody noted that Zachary did not follow them.

Markus comes back out and blames Asgar for the deaths of the followers although he doesnt mention any bodies inside. He is angry but goes back inside the temple. Nic watches the door.

The group looked around the grounds, “Tet” Magiericaulen and Dolanar went following some tracks to the north where they find bodies lined up some thirty of them and more tracks.

In the meantime Nora and Asgar notice that Zachary isn’t with them. They motion for him to come down but he doesn’t so the two of them ride up to Zachary to find out that he is dead with a arrow in his back.

The group decides to take the body back to the Cyric temple and when Davor finds out that Zachary is dead and is outraged. Several of the followers begin to draw weapons but eventually back off with Asgars words. The group heads back to the hollow leg to discuss options. The primary was to follow the trail from the dead bodies,

the interrogation

Helm 9,10 501 4th age

The group left with much debate about spending the night. The group moved steadily through the night and into the morning. The endure elements spells wore off and without the rest to renew the spells, the characters and the mounts were subject to the ravages of the killer cold. It became dangerous enough that Tet had to channel to heal the horses.

Eventually the group made to Borderland Gap where the interrogation began. Alain the talkative one denied being a follower of Mask much to the annoyance of both Zachary and Markus

exploring the manse

Talos 20 500 4th age

The group entered the grounds of the the Vanthar estate. They could see signs of decay in the courtyard. They also noticed that the ground had been chewed up recently by horses. Kurin checked the stables and noticed that there was fresh hay in there.

Gem asked Vernon about the information about the treasure. Vernon testily answered that the information was that the owner of the treasure could see it every day. Gem suggested the latrine but was quickly dismissed.

The exploration of the house didnt reveal much but while in the basement, Riter heard somebody walking upstairs. The group went back upstairs and prepared for anything. It was Nesturak whom the group had met earlier. Both sides were suspicious but both put down their weapons and agreed somewhat to work together.

As the group continued to move around the house there were more sounds. The group prepared to defend themselves.

escorting the unwilling

Helm 6,7,8 501 4th age

The two prisoners were named Alain and Matthew. Alain turned out to be the talkative one as the group went to Borderland Gap first to have the prisoners put into a secure place. Alain mentioned that the priests name was Anthony and that the group had been in training for some time and somehow had gotten younger axebeaks to train. He mentioned to Asgar that there was a spy in the Tyr religion.

The two prisoners were left with Dorian and the group went to the leg and found that the two factions had left for their temples. Mort bought items from the group and they left in the morning. Ruth had met up with Noah and left the group.

The trip to the temples was cold for the most part. The group first found the Talos temple. Miller wanted to wait until the group returned with the Cyric person. Asgar insisted and Markus was selected to go. The group then made to the temple of Cyric where Zachary agreed to go. Zachary tried to have the group rest before going but Asgar insisted on leaving at night.


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