"Tet" Magiericaulen

Elvish Priest of Mystra


Tetalanirdenlauss “Tet” Magiericaulen
Cleric 7 / Loremaster 3 (10HD) Fav Class: Cleric (96,075 // 105,000XP)

HP 59 Current: 47
AC 18 (+5 DEX +2 Leather, +1 Magic)
T 15, FF 13
Spd 30ft

  • STR 14 +2
  • DEX 20 +5
  • CON 10 +0
  • INT 18 +4
  • WIS 18 +4
  • CHA 14 +2
  • BAB +6/1
  • CMB +8
  • CMD 22

Saves = (Base + Stat + Cloak)

  • Fort = 6 + 0 + 2 = 8
  • Ref = 3 + 5 + 2 = 10
  • Will = 6 + 4 + 2 = 12

+1 Longsword +10/5 to hit: 1d8+3 (19-20/x2)
+1 Quarterstaff +10/5 to hit: 1d6+3 (20/x2) + 1d6 Force 3/day
+1 Composite Longbow (2 STR)(50) +13/8 to hit: 1d8+3 (20/x3) R:100

Domain Powers -
Hand of the Acolyte 7/day – Used: 0
+BAB+WIS+Magic to hit: Damage as weapon, R:30

Blast Rune 7/day – Used: 0
Trap 1 adjacent square, anyone entering takes 1d6+3,
last for 1 round/ level (Total:7) or until discharged.

Channel Positive Energy 7/day – Used: 0
Heal Living or Harm Undead for 4d6 in 30ft Burst.


  • Appraise (INT 4, Rank 1+3) 8
  • Diplomacy (CHA 2, Trait 1, Rank 6+3) 12
  • Handle Animal (CHA 2, Rank 1+3) 6
  • Heal (WIS 4, Rank 9+3) 16
  • Knowledge Arcana (INT 4, Rank 10+3, Lore 5) 22
  • Knowledge Dungeoneering (INT 4, Rank 1+3, Lore 5) 13
  • Knowledge Engineering (INT 4,Rank 1+3, Lore 5) 13
  • Knowledge Geography (INT 4 Rank 1+3, Lore 5) 13
  • Knowledge History (INT 4 Rank 9+3, Lore 5) 21
  • Knowledge Loca) (INT 4, Ranks 1+3, Lore 5) 13
  • Knowledge Nobility (INT 4, Ranks 1+3, Lore 5) 13
  • KNowledge Planes (INT 4, Ranks 1+3, Lore 5) 13
  • Knowledge Religion (INT 4, Rank 10+3, 6 Focus, Lore 5) 28
  • Linguistics (INT 4, Rank 1+3) 8
  • Perception (WIS 4, Elf 2 Rank 4+3) 13
  • Sense Motive (WIS 4 Rank 1+3) 8
  • Spellcraft (INT 4, Rank 10+3) 17
  • Use Magic Device (CHA 2, Rank 1+3) 6

Common (Haverstani), Elven, Sylvan, Draconic, Goblin, Orc, Lucien

Loremaster Class Features:
Secret 1 – Secret Health (Toughness Feat)
Lore – A Loremaster adds half his level to all Knowledge skill checks and may make such checks untrained
Secret 2 – Weapon Trick (+1 bonus on attack rolls)

-Extra Channeling
-Scribe Scroll (Bonus)
-Skill Focus – Kno: Religion
-Craft Wondrous Items
-Craft Magical Arms & Armor
-Toughness (Bonus)
-Bouncing Spell

Spells: Domains: Magic & Rune

  • 0th = DC 15
    -Detect Magic
    -Create Water
    -Read Magic
  • 1st = DC 16
    - Bless Water
    - Comprehend Languages
    - Endure Elements
    - Endure Elements
    -(B) Sanctuary
    -(D) Identify
  • 2nd = DC 17
    - Augury
    - Augury
    - Lesser Restoration
    - Lesser Restoration
    -(B) Make Whole
    -(D) Secret Page
  • 3rd = DC 18
    - Create Food and Water
    - Remove Curse
    - Speak with Dead
    -(B) Dispel Magic
    -(D) Dispel Magic
  • 4th = DC 19
    - Discern Lies
    - Restoration
    - Restoration
    -(B) Tongues
    -(D) Imbue with Spell Ability
  • 5th = DC 20
    - Scrying
    - Break Enchantment
    - (D) Spell Resistance

+ 1 Quarterstaff (1d6 Force Damage 3/day) Used: 0
+ 1 Leather Armor of Mystra (Wearing) + 1 Save DC on Spells
+1 Composite Longbow (
2 for STR)
50 Arrows
100ft hempen rope
Wooden Holy Symbol
6 Days Trail Rations
Ioun Stone: 2 DEX – To Dol
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
Cloak of Resistance +2
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (
2 STR)
Scroll of Raise Dead (CL:10) – To Asgar
Necklace of Fireballs I: (1 – 5d6, 2 – 3d6) – To Nico
Lesser Bracers of Archery
5054 GP 247 SP

Traits: Ease of Faith (+1 Diplo) & Magical Talent (0 level spell 1/day “Touch of Fatigue”)


Tetalan is an elven scholar, he is still young by elven standard and has only just begun to learn the ways of magic. He plans on acquiring a spellbook and becoming a master of both arcane and divine magic. So far, the perfect book has eluded him; all that he finds being either too expensive or too cryptic. Having recently discovered his knack for divine magic and feeling a strong connection with Mystra, he hopes travel the lands and master as many spells as possible in the long life he has ahead of him so that he may write his own books on the art of magic in its many forms.

Tet has evolved throughout the game into a devout priest of Mystra, with little intention of turning to wizardry. He feels that he will better be able to serve the church, and the cause of teaching the proper use of magic, by dedicating himself to one path instead of splitting his focus.

The young cleric of Mystra has finally reached an important milestone in his adventures. After discovering the defilement of a Mystra temple in Kemmin, Chimorrow, he met a Plains Elf by the name of Caladrel who revealed that he was a relative of Tet’s, and so was one of the elves whose grave was defiled. Tet has made it his mission to retrieve his ancestor’s skull and return it to a peaceful afterlife. Now, this has been accomplished. And Tet awaits the return of Caladrel from the 1000 Spears battle site, and the decision of the High Maguc on what to do with the Necromancer, Lothar, who stole the skulls for a dark ritual.

Tet hopes to visit his forest homeland and see his immediate family again, and would love to do some ancestry research to find out how his Forest Elf heritage was mixed with that of the Plains Elves

From Outrider:

You were literally born on the battle field. A encounter between the orcish tribe named the dark hands and your tribe the illiam (mist striders). The fight was brutal and deadly. Your tribe was forced to retreat to the wooded hills to the north. Your mother was wounded as the tribe retreated and your father paid the ultimate sacrifice to save the tribe.

Your early years were in constant movement as the dark hands and your tribe continued to feud over territory and although it was tough, your mother jarlie(dove gift) was a gifted teacher and spoke of the history of the elvish deities. They were the first gods of Beldorn, and that there was a earlier human pantheon. The magic goddess Mystra, although she wasn’t a elf was one of the first ones. The great change came when what are called the invader deities, tempus, Cyric and Anduhar were the three leaders who were brothers. Tempus was the oldest and Anduhar was the most charismatic of the the three. They eventually removed the original human pantheon. The elvish deities were duped into aiding in the removal by Anduhar. Anduhar was eventually banished from the plane but almost came back at the end of the second age.

Mystra was the one that intrigued you and your mother felt it was better for you to be safe and took you to a temple within one of the human communities. You were greeted by the temple priest who walked you in through the doors of the inverted temple. This caused some trepidation but you soon saw that it was a stable place. You flourished in this place learning of the mysteries of magic. You learned under a Renard who was kind and was understanding of the Elvish culture. It was he that brought you the initial information about the blood magic. It seemed that the elves had a source of magic other than the standard. It was found in some of the old writings but it was never passed to the humans. Renard said that some knew of it but respected elvish customs and didn’t want to explore this avenue.

Renard gave you the clues about the old elvish lands when you were ordained to go out into the world.
It has been several years since you have seen your mother.

"Tet" Magiericaulen

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