Dolanar Gibson
Rogue10 Favorite Class: Rogue

HP: 61/61
AC:23(27) Touch:19 Flat-Footed:18
Initiative: +5
Speed: 20ft

STR: 10 +0
DEX: 20 +5
CON: 10 +0
INT: 12 +1
WIS: 11 +0
CHA: 14 +2

BAB: 7/2
CMB: 6
CMD: 20

Fort: +4
Ref: +13
Will: +4

(1)Rapier of Shock/(1)Flaming Short Sword: 11/6/11/6(FRA) | 4D4+4+4D6(FRA)/1D4+1+1D6
MW Hand Crossbow(10/10): +13 – D3

Mithral Chain Shirt: (Armor) AC+4, Max Dex+6, ACP-0
Ring of Protection: (Deflection) AC+2

Acrobatics: (DEX-5+10+8=23) /roll 1d20+23
Appraise: (INT-1+7+3=11) /roll 1d20+11
Bluff: (CHA-2+7+3=12) /roll 1d20+12
Climb: (STR-0+4+5=9) /roll 1d20+9
Diplomacy: (CHA-2+6+3=11) /roll 1d20+11
Disable Device: (DEX-5+4+3=12) /roll 1d20+12
Disguise: (CHA-2+4+3=9) /roll 1d20+9
Escape Artist: (DEX-5+3+3=11) /roll 1d20+11
Linguistics: (INT-1+8+3=12) /roll 1d20+12
Perception: (WIS-0+10+5=15) /roll 1d20+15
Ride: (DEX-5+1+3=9) /roll 1d20+9
Sense Motive: (WIS-0+5+3=8) /roll 1d20+8
Sleight of Hand: (DEX-5+6+3=14) /roll 1d20+14
Stealth: (DEX-5+10+7=22) /roll 1d20+22
UMD: (CHA-2+7+3=12) /roll 1d20+12

Haverstani, Chimorrowan,
Lucien, Orc, Goblin, Elven,
Gnomish, Dwarven, Halfling.

Class Features:
Sneak Attack +5D6; Minor Magic(RT)- Ghost Sound(3/day)
Trapfinding; Major Mgic(RT)- Shield(2/day)
Evasion; Improved Uncanny Dodge
Rogue Finesse(RT); Trap Spotter(RT)
Trap Sense +3; Opportunist(AT)
Uncanny Dodge; Bleeding Attack(RT)

Combat Reflexes
Two Weapon Fighting
Improved Two Weapon Fighting

Boots of Elvenkind (5 Acrobatics)
Belt of Incredible (
2 Dex)
*Flint & steel
*Masterwork Thieves Tools
*Entertainer’s Outfit
2 Bolt Packs
Cloak of D.Door(3/day)
Cloak of Resistance
Ioun Stone (+2Dex)


Dolanar was born into a poor halfling family, his father always did his best to make a living for the family & Dolanar never faulted his father for doing the demeaning things he did. Dolanar decided by the age of 16 that he wasn’t going to be a drain on his family & left home.
The first few years were rough, Dolanar barely ate, slept wherever he could find shelter, missed his parents dearly. He had started to learn how to pick pockets to earn a few coins here & there to eat. Eventually he had started to do odd jobs for a few people around the city.
By the age of 22 he had enough money to start venturing out of the city he had grown up in, a rapier strapped to his side & a few provisions in his pack, he went out to start a life as an adventurer, he traveled to a nearby city where Adventurer’s often gathered & started offering his services as a trap finder, he had picked up this skill from a few jobs he had done for others in his hometown
Dolanar spent the next 3 years adventuring & searching for loot wherever he could, periodically sending money home to his parents, finally being able to help them lead better lives.


Shadows of Beldorn Dolanar