paladin of Tyr


level 12
Alignment: LG
STR: 18 (4) Dex: 16 (3) Con: 18 (4)
INT: 14 (
2) WIS: 14 (2) CHR: 16 (3)

Fort: 16 (8 base, 1 cloak, +3 Chr bonus, +4 Con)
Ref: +11 (
4 base, 1 cloak, +3 chr bonus, +3 dex)
Will: +14 (
8 base, +1 cloak, +3 chr bonus, +2 wis)

HP: 153
AC: 26 (half plate armor 8, +1 magic bonus to armor, shield mw + 2, Dex +3, Axe bonus +2, +10 base)
CMB: +16 (
12 BAB, 4 STR,) (19 with belt)
CMD: +26 (
12 BAB, 4 STR, +10 base) (29 with belt)
Base Att Bonus: +12/
Initiative 7 (
3 Dex, +4 w/Feat)
Touch – 13 (no armor bonus)
Flat Footed – 23 (no dex bonus)

Using “SAGA” Magic Axe
23 TH with “SAGA” Magic Axe (Str +4, Base +12, Belt +4, Axe +3)/18 (str 4, base +7, Belt +4, Axe +3)/13(str +4, base +2, Axe +3, belt +4)
+11 TD (Str +4, Belt +4, +3 Axe)
With Power Attack: +19, +14, +9 TH, +19 TD (Two handed +19 TH and + 29 TD)
Crit on 20 × 3

Using 2 Long Sword
+22 TH (Str +4, Base +12, Belt +4, +2 Sword)/ +17 (Str +4, Base +7, Belt +4, Sword +2)/
12(str +4, Base +2, sword +2, Belt +4)
With power attack: +18 TH / +18 TD (Two handed +18 TH / +28 TD)
Crit on 19/20 × 2

Using 3 Longbow
+17 TH/
11 TH/+7(base +2, dex +2, bow +3)
+4 TD

Smite Evil: 4/day
Chr Bonus to (TH) – +3
Paladin Level to (TD) – +12
Chr Bonus to (AC) – +3
Outsider, evil dragon, undead: +2/lvl to dmg – +24
All attacks bypass any DR


  • Acrobatics 4,
  • Climb 5
  • Diplomacy 7
  • Intimidate 12
  • Heal 4,
  • Knowledge History 2,
  • knowledge (Religion) 4,
  • Knowledge Nobility 2,
  • ride 6
  • sense motive 9,
  • spell craft 4,
  • Perception 5,
  • Oratory 5,
  • Swim 3,
  • Survival 3
  • Armor and shield Prof,
  • Dodge,
  • Improved Initiative +4,
  • Power Attack,
  • Cleave
  • Dazzling Display
  • Shatter Defenses


  • Dagger
  • +3 battle axe, (SAGA)
  • +2 long sword
  • Warhammer
  • +1 Half Plate
  • +2 Shield
  • +3 Longbow
  • 20 Arrows
  • 2 CLWound potions
  • 2 CModWound Potion 2d8+10

Back pack, bedroll, flint and steel, mug, 7 days of rations, water skin, 4 torch, rope 50’, holy symbol wood, healers kit, travelers outfit, boots, belt, belt buckle, pouch/belt, flask of whiskey, cold weather clothing and cloak, Belt of Giant Str 4 th/4 TD, Broach of Shielding, 2 dice from Tyche priest as good luck charms (Zeke), helmet 5 to perception and also dark vision.
2 CLWound potions 1d8
Ring of Truth: twist it to make it work. 3/day for 5 min. Functions as the spell Zone of Truth.
Phylactery of Positive Channeling: adds 2d6 to channeling to heal or harm undead
Cloak of Resistance +1 to all saves
Scroll of raise dead

Magic Battle Axe: SAGA
7th level the axe becomes a +2
8th level. You gain a +1 misc armor enhancement.
9th level, you gain saints grace which is a +1 misc to all saves.
at 10th level nothing new occurs but you must make a pilgrimage before you can unlock further abilities for levels 11-14.
after the pilgrimage at 11th level the axe goes to a plus 3 and is now a holy weapon. at level 12 the armor enhancement bonus goes to +2, at 13th you get dispel magic as per the spell, it counts your level in general and is usuable 2x day and at 14th the weapon goes to holy undead bane

*Aura of Good
*Detect Evil 60’
*Smite Evil 4/day
*Divine Grace – Chr bonus to all saves 3
*Lay on hands: 6d6 9x/day
*Aura of Courage – Immune to fear for me and any ally within 10ft + +4 to morale.
*Divine Health – Immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.
*Mercy (3rd lvl – shaken, diseased (works as cure disease d20
level vs dc of disease)), Remove Curse (As the cleric spell but use paladin level), 12th lvl Poisoned (neutralize poison paladin lvl)
*Channel Positive Energy 5/day (6d6)
*Spell Casting: Functions as lvl 8 caster (Paladin Spells)
*Aura of Resolve – Immune to charm spells and spell like abilities. Each ally within 10 ft gets +4 morale bonus on saves v charm.
*Divine Bond – +1 enhancement per level past 5. Or add/stack the following abilities each equals 1 in enhancements: Axiomatic, Brilliant Energy, Defending, Disruption, Flaming, Flame Burst, Holy, Keen, Merciful, Speed.(3 enhancement at 11 and 4 at 14, 5 at 17)
*Aura of Justice – A paladin can use two of their smite evil ability and grant the ability of smite evil to all allies within 10 foot. Bonus lasts for 1 minute and must be used in the next turn. This is a free action.

spells 4-first, 3 second, 1 Third

Gold 4710, Silver 257, Copper 4

Languages: Haverstani, Lucien

Exp: 145200


Lo, There do I see my Father
Lo, There do I see my Mother
My Sisters and Brothers
Lo, There do I see my People
Back to the beginning
Lo, there they do call to me
And beg me to take my place
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the Brave shall live forever

From The Book Of Truth: The Saga of Tyr**
Behold upon the winds of truth and the thunder of retribution, the true nature of Lord Tyr and the Scale of Truth and Justice. Before it, all shall be revealed. Gods and mortal, kings and peasants. In its presence, all know the truth is revealed, and justice is served. Before it, voices will call or cry, some will fall and some will die, but all shall be judged. The wise will bow down before it as alas the thorn of justice is sharp. Who ever is unjust, let him be unjust still. Who ever is righteous, let him be righteous still. Who ever is filthy, let him be filthy still. Attend to these words as all is revealed before it. So look you all Gods and mortal, kings and peasants to the scale, for your true nature will be revealed, and some will be weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Asgar was born on the 20th day of Cyric in the year 481 of the 4th age, in the city of Glascow in the country of Haverstan.

Glascow is a large city, the kind of city that can pull a youth in, and swallow him or her whole. While it is a city of great temples and a stronghold of Tyr, it too is a home to organized crime, thieves guilds, and all types of vice imaginable.

Asgar grew up in Glascow, he listened to the stories of his ancestor Hosvir, a major contributor in the downfall of the Witchkings. He longed to be a warrior of this renown and a person who contributed to a great cause. But he also saw what was going on around him, and it was easy to look to it for the adventure and excitement. The violence of the streets of Glascow drew Asgar to it like a fly to carrion.

His father, Bjorn, disappeared when Asgar was just a young lad, reportedly dyeing in battle, but his body was never found. Not having a father to provide guidance to him caused a great void to be created in Asgar’s life. His mother saw this, but being a single parent and a waitress at a local pub did not afford her the time or money to keep him away from those who he thought would fill that void, those people being the organized crime families.

On a night when she was working, a man came in, a man from the neighborhood, and told her that Asgar had joined a gang and it was going to be his initiation tonight. Helga took action immediately, and left her job to run to the God that her family had embraced for generations, she ran to Tyr. She was greeted by a priest named Fletcher Crispis, assistant to The Magistrate Rothgurn and he immediately took interest in her story, and along with the Magistrate and a few men, set upon Asgar, arrested him, and took him back to the temple. He resisted for a bit, but quickly adapted to accepting the ways of temple and its patron deity. He saw it as his link to Hosvir, and a way to be a part of a bigger picture.

And so, at the age of 12, Asgar was admitted to the Temple of Truth, the great emblem of balance and goodness, and the house of justice within the known area. For a full year, Asgar was put to work within the temple, learning temperance, patience, and humility. He was quickly taken in by the priests and other students, as he was an eager and physical person, always looking to help and lead among his other new possible initiates. As such he met and mingled with older students and guards.

A year later marked the beginning of his martial training. As a protector of the church and the interests of Tyr, one thing was continually drilled into the young man’s head. You are expected to be the best, you are expected to uphold the law and if need be mete out justice. Starting with basic weaponry, and physical fitness, Asgar’s training progressed within three years to tactics and strategy, along with specific weaponry of choice.

And so at 15 Asgar petitioned the Magistrate to enter into the religious and preparatory training required to become a Paladin of Tyr. It was here where he thought that he would want to be separated from those who would go on to be Chavliers, and or protectors of the church and become one who channels the church and Tyr through is weapons and word. Being accepted, Asgar moved to another part of the compound, separating him from the others, forcing strict training on building his will, his intellect, and his knowledge of the true ways of Tyr.

It was on his 18th birthday that Asgar had a dream of standing before a great and powerful bearded man, the man wore plate armor, carried an axe and shield, and looked upon Asgar with great familiarity. Asgar looked about him, and saw many warriors, they all bore the sign of the scale upon their shields or tabards and they all had the same look on their faces. Reflexively Asgar kneeled looking away from the bearded warrior but was bade to stand by the wave of the warrior’s hand. The warrior made a small wave of his hand, and Asgar could feel his heart being wrenched from his body, spilling blood on the floor below him and filling the air with its smell of iron and gore. While this should have been frightening, Asgar had no fear, he was among brothers. The warrior placed Asgar’s heart upon a scale, that had nothing on the other side. Even still, the scale did not move, Asgar’s heart was not heavier than the air it counter weighed. The warrior looked back to Asgar and smiled, and Asgar awoke.

That morning Asgar told his teacher Warren of this dream, and it was immediately reported to the Priests of Tyr. The very next day, Asgar was admitted to the Temple as a Paladin and a protector of the faith.

For the next year, Asgar guarded the temple, assisted the priests where he could, and bided his time, for his calling. One that came almost a year later to the day, he was to go east. The new Magistrate Fletcher Crispus called upon the very young Paladin to seek the education of life outside of the temple, and do his best to uphold the laws of Tyr.

Tyr 10 500 Asgar is made a Chevron of the temple of Tyr.

More on SAGA
The priest Nathaniel was lost in the wilderness, he and his comrades had been attacked by a group of giants and he was the only survivor and was fleeing from the giants. He was climbing Mount Veldoss, a reputed place in legend where the gods first lived. It was also a difficult climb. Somehow Nathaniel seemed to either sense or know where to find the footholds
All Nathaniel knew was that the giants were slowly gaining on him. His strength was ebbing as he struggled up the mountain. He then saw a cave entrance. He decided that he would make his last stand; the entrance would only allow one giant at a time in. He entered and found that there was a pond within. He stooped to drink some water, as he looked around to see if there were any ways that he could defend the position better. He heard something and noticed a shape manifesting above the pond. The mist solidified into the symbol of Tyr. Awed by the sight, he bowed and lowered his weapon into the water and felt a shock.
Jumping back, he heard a sound coming from the floating symbol. It was a voice, telling him to strike the monsters. He did so and went the first giant tried to force his way in, was driven back by the weapon. Nathaniel looked at his weapon, not understanding how it became more powerful but was grateful. He eventually drove off the giants. He went back to the cave and spoke to the symbol. Tyr told him that this was left behind when gods left, waiting for somebody worthy to claim it. Nathaniel asked why a pond. The voice said that the pond represented the pureness of law and tools of law should also be cleansed at times. Nathaniel asked about what happened to his weapon and the voice spoke again, supporters of the law need the proper tools to accomplish what needs to be done and that true believers need the proper tools.
Nathaniel was told to go to the Supreme Magistrate and explain what he had seen and to create protection for the site. Nathaniel went on to create the Cavalier order of Iron Fist and became its first leader.

after the pilgrimage at 11th level the axe goes to a plus 3 and is now a holy weapon. at level 12 the armor enhancement bonus goes to +2, at 13th you get dispel magic as per the spell, it counts your level in general and is usuable 2x day and at 14th the weapon goes to holy undead bane


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