Ruth Longwanderer


Ruth is a Warder of the chimmorrow region. She is responsible for seeing what goes on and to make reports to superiors so they can decide what actions to take. She has been around the region for awhile and is intrigued by its history. She tends to be impulsive and takes more chances than she should.

She hunts and is hunted by the following Orcs, hill giants and bugbears. She finds sport and will often leave a trail to tempt the enemies. She has never said why she hunts these particular creatures and talks little of her past.

She seldom mentors the young rangers so any that are given their initial training are favored for some reason. She likes her combat up close and personal and goes with two weapons.

She stands about 5’ 2 and is wiry. she is not beautiful in any sense of the word but has a natural charisma about her. Rumors are that she was once the lover of Noah the druid stewart of the the region.

Ruth Longwanderer

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