Elvish plains rider-oracle


Caladrel has a somewhat haggard appearance and wears the traditional garb of the tribe. He rides the traditional creature of the plains for the elves, the axebeak.


Caladrel is a war oracle from the plains to the east of Chimorrow. He is the clanleader of the Shatril(sundancers). This is the largest of the nomadic clans on the plains to the west of the Mohautan River. He has been the clanleader for a period of seventy five years and has led the clan to victories against the various other nomadic tribes which are about.

He is haunted by the spirits of those whom he has defeated, but he has found out through the spirits that he was not born a plains elf but was descended from the high mountain elves. He has found connections to the priesthood of Mystra and other elves. He has found a relative in Tet and has him and his comrades to aid in his stopping of Lothar. He has had run ins with Lothar in the past when Lothar would go down to the plains to seek out information.

Caladrel mind was destroyed in a fight with Lothar around the 24th of talos. Caladrel is seperated from his thain Ethell and is tormented by the spirits of those he has killed in the past. His shattered mind causes him to lash out against anything that he runs into and he kills two members of a elf clan. he is then hunted by the clan but is successful in evading them and is found by Tet and the others.

His mind is restored but he is to pay a blood oath to the clan to protect them in their need which he will do and has been staying with the clan since that time.


Shadows of Beldorn outrider