Gorron Blacktooth level 1 Human Barbarian male, 6’1 205 lbs, black hair, blue eyes Alignment- CG

speed 40feet, with Armour 30feet

HP-15 AC-18 (scale mail +5, dex+3, +10base)
str-20 (+5) dex-16 (+3) con-16 (+3)
int-12 (+1) wis- 14 (+2) cha-10 (+0)

Fort- 5 reflex- 3 will- 2

bab- +1 CMB- +5 CMD +19

  • knowledge (nature)- +6 (+1 int, 2 ranks, +3class skill)
  • Survival- +7(+2 wis, 2ranks, +3class skill)
  • perception +6 (+2wis, 1 rank, +3class skill)
  • Greataxe- +6 to hit, 1d12+5 damage, crit x3
  • Shortbow- +4 to hit, 1d6, crit x3, range 60 feet quiver with 100 arrows
  • dagger- +6 to hit, 1d4+5, 19-20/x2

Armour- Scale Mail- Med, +5 AC, -4 CP, +3 Max Dex

Gear- backpack, rations/water, weapons (g-axe, s-bow, dagger), armour (scale mail), boots/pants/gloves, torches

  • Cleave,
  • Power Attack
  • Abilities- Fast movement, Rage

Gorron was the solitary survivor of a orcish raid. He was three years of age when the raid came. He stood over the body of his mother with a stick and was threatening the orcish raiders who were standing by. The orcish raid leader Orlith was amused and took the young lad with him as a pet.

Gorron was tormented by the other orcish children but held his own and eventually grudging respect from the other orcs and became a raid leader. He was successful in raiding the bugbears and other creatures of the north. One day while out on a scouting mission he came upon a group of humans and his curosity got the better of him and he went to meet them. The humans were wary of Gorron who was dressed in Orcish garb. He met and found that he liked them and was particularly smitten by a lovely lady. He decided that he liked human ladies better than orcs and went with the humans.


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