Shadows of Beldorn

Wizard down

Aria 19,20 501 5th age

Verigas had startled the group but was slow to react. Orlen Anklebone and Severin Darkwine-Helm priest both hit him with dispel magic spells and brought down some of his defenses. He began to float down. In the meantime Noralith Andonna Nora was attacked by the creature that was friends with the half orc that she had spotted.

Severin survived a distinegrate spell from Verigas. Verigas then teleported a distance away causing the group to have to run towards him. During the combat, asgar was caught in a black tentacles spell which was promptly dispelled by Orlen and survived a dominate person.

Nora and Dolanar got involved with the half orc and his creature. Dol destroyed the half orc with little problem but nearly went down with the fight with the creature. Nora was initially caught in a insect swarm but moved rapidly away from it and summoned a elemental to fight the swarm.

In the meantime Asgar shrugging off all the problems finally reached Verigas and nearly cut him in two with a mighty blow. He yeilded and asgar rushed to save nora and dol. Severin stayed with Verigas. Orlen also joined the fight against the creature who seemed truely enraged when the half orc died and was taking it out on Dolanar.

Eventually all were defeated. When they returned to Severin and Verigas, they could see Severin shaking Verigas in a angry fashion. When asked what was going on, Severin angrily answered we have been duped. This was part of a plan to get Severin away from his temple. The group was a bit puzzled by this but Severin didn’t volunteer much additional information. He said that he had to get back to his temple and left. The group was to bring Verigas back to Haverstan.

The night was lit up by a huge explosion at the Temple of Helm. Pieces of the temple landed in various parts of the city as it landed. The temples of of Tyr and Torm were badly damaged in the explosion. There were about fifteen folks killed by the explosion and many others injured. From the rubble a shadowy figure entered and left. There was a large second explosion to the east of the city soon after. The shadowy figure flew to the site of the second explosion and many reported a large ghostly hand some 100 feet tall rising from the hole in the ground. It hovered for a moment and took off to the north.



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