Shadows of Beldorn

the fights continue

Aria 17 501 4th age

The group decided to let the half orc free and gave him back his equipment. He agreed to leave the area and not bother the group again.

The group traveled the rest of the day but as they were looking for a place to camp, they spotted the lady that tried to seduce Asgar. She too also suggested that the group return to Haverstan. She was enlarged and had a barrier about her. Dol attempted to d-door behind the lady and found out the barrier was actually a blade barrier. He was fortunate to not be caught inside it.

The lady dropped a flame strike on Asgar and Nora nearly taking Nora out. Orlen did a neat trick on the lady by casting telekineses on the lady pushing her through her own blade barrier. the rest of the fight went on for a long period. Nora was actually dead at one point before being saved by Orlen.

Asgar and Dolanar went toe to toe with the lady with asgar taking the brunt of the damage but his vitality saved him and the lady went down.



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