Shadows of Beldorn

mine strike

Aria 4-5 501 4th age

The group left Borderland Gap and took the northern route through Coalmore. As the group approached the town, they heard and noticed that there were several men standing about watching a single man beating another man up. Asgar moved into the circle demanding to know what was going on. The man being beat was Phillip, a leader of the striking miners, the bully never identified himself. Asgar stopped the fight and the group went to the mining pit, the local tavern. Asgar took his prisoners to the jail where they were billed for keeping the prisoners.

At the mining pit, they heard about what was going on, the miners went on strike after an accident killed four of the miners. Mathias came into the tavern, Asgar and Nora had previous encounters with him. Mathias spoke of the contract that the miners had signed and that the strike was unlawful, that he had other people that he reported to and about the prisoners that asgar had brought in. He left about the same time that phillip came in, followed shortly by the group that had beat him up before.



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