Shadows of Beldorn


Aria 18,19 501 4th age

The group moved to the east passing by the Mortain Woods, where they had met in the past a gnomish witch name Neben and his raven Obi. While they were talking a raven landed atop Orlen Anklebone’s boar Thretch. The raven spoke to Orlen, indicating that Neben
was in trouble. The group rode into the woods where they spotted a statue of a bugbear. Asgar following the raven moved further into the woods.

Asgar spotted a 8 legged lizard and their eyes locked. Asgar could feel paralysis coming upon him but fought it off and smote the creature. The others moved in to attack the creature and it died. Noralith Andonna recalling through her memory that the creature which was identified as a basilisk, its blood could be used to unstone people. There was a second smaller statue near the basilisk. It turned out to be neben.

The group stayed with neben during the night talking about Verigas whom neben had seen along with the two ladies and the half orc. It seemed though that Neben and Severin had some sort of conflict between them. Neben mentioned the phrase “The Hand of Helm” Severin was visibily disturbed. When questioned by asgar, Severin didnt say much.

The next day the group traveled to Maliase which is a Haverstani old word for Prison. They found 12 stones in a circle about a center piece. They noticed that two of the stones looked like something had breathed on them. The ground was dead and scorched. Severin looked at one of the stones and swore in a quiet tone. It was the space that Verigas was to occupied but he was not there.



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