Shadows of Beldorn


Aria 6-10 501 4th age

The group was awoken early in the morning by a clanging of alarms. The Thunder river was threatening to overfill its banks because of a combination of a large snowfall in the winter and a rapid heat up in the spring. The group debated for a period to help the citizens who were in general fleeing the town for higher ground. It was decided to leave and the group took three of the prisoners with them.

the journey to Glascow was uneventful. The group met with Fletcher Crispus about the various situations after dropping off the prisoners. Fletcher was in a meeting with Ormsby, a priest of Torm and Severin Darkwine, a priest of Helm. They were discussing the return of Verigas, a wizard of a previous age that had been imprisoned but somehow freed himself.

It was decided that Severin would go to Chimorrow, with help to try to put Verigas back into his imprisonment. Asgar and the group decided to head back with the priest. There was however a uncomfortable time for Dolanar who was questioned about Caleb Bartow’s behavior and his appearance in Borderland Gap.



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