Shadows of Beldorn

buying the mine?

Aria 5-6 501 4th age

the thugs looked at the group and were making crude and nasty remarks when Asgar decided that he had enough and scared the thugs into leaving the tavern. A discussion followed, Nic made a suggestion to buy the mines. Asgar seized on that idea as a way to take care of the strife that was going on.

Asgar and Nora along with Phillip left to speak with Mathias, Nic and Dolanar decided to remain in the tavern while Orlen went back to the barn to comfort his boar. The thugs came back in they felt that they could pick on the small ones of the group. In the meantime Asgar and Nora spoke with Mathias and offer and counter offer ensued until Mathias agreed to a price.

the thugs took action against Dol and Nic. It wasn’t pretty for the thugs. Nic took out four of them with searing light and burning hands while they couldn’t touch him. Dol took out a couple of others,including the leader of the group Thaddeus.

The thug group was just surrendering when Asgar and Nora showed up. They were then marched to the town jail.



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