Shadows of Beldorn

An attempt to tempt Asgar

Aria 15-16 501 4th age

The group left the area where they fought the Leucrotta and headed around the headwaters of the Thunder River. They then turned south and made it to the Hollow Leg. The Leg had guests, one of which the group knew, Davor, the half Orc inquisitor of Cyric. He was there with some of his followers and a woman dressed in red.

Vesna, was her name and she attempted to tempt Asgar from the group. The group remembered that the two guys that had tried to poison the holy pond were hired by two women with accents. Asgar, to his credit stood strong against the advances of the lady. Rebuffed she left for her room as well as Davor. While the group was in the bar, a creature appeared outside the leg. The group defeated it with ease, leaving some to suspect that it was some sort of distraction. However nothing more appeared during the night.

The group left the next morning as Severin wanted to push into the interior of Chimorrow to find out how Verigas was freed from his imprisonment spell. As the group moved through the hills to the south, they ran into centaurs who relayed that there have been comings and goings with a man dressed in black and two women, one of whom fit the description of the lady that they had met the day before.



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