Shadows of Beldorn

a day of fights

Aria 17 501 4th age

The group went further into the lands of Chimorrow. A half orc was spotted with a large creature. He spoke to the group asking them to turn around and return to Haverstan as Verigas had no designs on Haverstan. The group refused and a combat ensued. The creature was eventually defeated and the half orc was tied up.

As Nora went looking around she spotted a large frost giant advancing on the group. The group went back into action. As Dolanar used his d-dooring cloak to get behind the giant, he noticed a dome of darkness just behind him. It turned out the dome of darkness had a woman inside who struck Dolanar nearly killing him. He crawled out of the darkness warning the group of the woman inside.

Asgar, whom had attacked the giant moved into the darkness and smote the woman mightly. The group began to recover from the damage inflicted



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