Shadows of Beldorn

Wizard down

Aria 19,20 501 5th age

Verigas had startled the group but was slow to react. Orlen Anklebone and Severin Darkwine-Helm priest both hit him with dispel magic spells and brought down some of his defenses. He began to float down. In the meantime Noralith Andonna Nora was attacked by the creature that was friends with the half orc that she had spotted.

Severin survived a distinegrate spell from Verigas. Verigas then teleported a distance away causing the group to have to run towards him. During the combat, asgar was caught in a black tentacles spell which was promptly dispelled by Orlen and survived a dominate person.

Nora and Dolanar got involved with the half orc and his creature. Dol destroyed the half orc with little problem but nearly went down with the fight with the creature. Nora was initially caught in a insect swarm but moved rapidly away from it and summoned a elemental to fight the swarm.

In the meantime Asgar shrugging off all the problems finally reached Verigas and nearly cut him in two with a mighty blow. He yeilded and asgar rushed to save nora and dol. Severin stayed with Verigas. Orlen also joined the fight against the creature who seemed truely enraged when the half orc died and was taking it out on Dolanar.

Eventually all were defeated. When they returned to Severin and Verigas, they could see Severin shaking Verigas in a angry fashion. When asked what was going on, Severin angrily answered we have been duped. This was part of a plan to get Severin away from his temple. The group was a bit puzzled by this but Severin didn’t volunteer much additional information. He said that he had to get back to his temple and left. The group was to bring Verigas back to Haverstan.

The night was lit up by a huge explosion at the Temple of Helm. Pieces of the temple landed in various parts of the city as it landed. The temples of of Tyr and Torm were badly damaged in the explosion. There were about fifteen folks killed by the explosion and many others injured. From the rubble a shadowy figure entered and left. There was a large second explosion to the east of the city soon after. The shadowy figure flew to the site of the second explosion and many reported a large ghostly hand some 100 feet tall rising from the hole in the ground. It hovered for a moment and took off to the north.

damn annoying giants

Aria 19, 501 4th age:

The group was looking around when they noticed movement along the old temple near them. They moved cautiously and noticed that it was a group of hill giants. They proceeded to attack the giants. The giants were eventually defeated. Nora began to scout around and spotted the half orc that they had released a couple of days before. The half orc attempted a spell on Nora and she nimbly dodged the pit.

In the meantime, a red skinned creature appeared and attacked the group while they were healing each other. That creature was dispatched with little fanfare. As the group wondered where the creature came from, a voice from above spoke to the group. “All I asked was that you leave Chimorrow and leave it to me. I will need to address this.”


Aria 18,19 501 4th age

The group moved to the east passing by the Mortain Woods, where they had met in the past a gnomish witch name Neben and his raven Obi. While they were talking a raven landed atop Orlen Anklebone’s boar Thretch. The raven spoke to Orlen, indicating that Neben
was in trouble. The group rode into the woods where they spotted a statue of a bugbear. Asgar following the raven moved further into the woods.

Asgar spotted a 8 legged lizard and their eyes locked. Asgar could feel paralysis coming upon him but fought it off and smote the creature. The others moved in to attack the creature and it died. Noralith Andonna recalling through her memory that the creature which was identified as a basilisk, its blood could be used to unstone people. There was a second smaller statue near the basilisk. It turned out to be neben.

The group stayed with neben during the night talking about Verigas whom neben had seen along with the two ladies and the half orc. It seemed though that Neben and Severin had some sort of conflict between them. Neben mentioned the phrase “The Hand of Helm” Severin was visibily disturbed. When questioned by asgar, Severin didnt say much.

The next day the group traveled to Maliase which is a Haverstani old word for Prison. They found 12 stones in a circle about a center piece. They noticed that two of the stones looked like something had breathed on them. The ground was dead and scorched. Severin looked at one of the stones and swore in a quiet tone. It was the space that Verigas was to occupied but he was not there.

the fights continue

Aria 17 501 4th age

The group decided to let the half orc free and gave him back his equipment. He agreed to leave the area and not bother the group again.

The group traveled the rest of the day but as they were looking for a place to camp, they spotted the lady that tried to seduce Asgar. She too also suggested that the group return to Haverstan. She was enlarged and had a barrier about her. Dol attempted to d-door behind the lady and found out the barrier was actually a blade barrier. He was fortunate to not be caught inside it.

The lady dropped a flame strike on Asgar and Nora nearly taking Nora out. Orlen did a neat trick on the lady by casting telekineses on the lady pushing her through her own blade barrier. the rest of the fight went on for a long period. Nora was actually dead at one point before being saved by Orlen.

Asgar and Dolanar went toe to toe with the lady with asgar taking the brunt of the damage but his vitality saved him and the lady went down.

a day of fights

Aria 17 501 4th age

The group went further into the lands of Chimorrow. A half orc was spotted with a large creature. He spoke to the group asking them to turn around and return to Haverstan as Verigas had no designs on Haverstan. The group refused and a combat ensued. The creature was eventually defeated and the half orc was tied up.

As Nora went looking around she spotted a large frost giant advancing on the group. The group went back into action. As Dolanar used his d-dooring cloak to get behind the giant, he noticed a dome of darkness just behind him. It turned out the dome of darkness had a woman inside who struck Dolanar nearly killing him. He crawled out of the darkness warning the group of the woman inside.

Asgar, whom had attacked the giant moved into the darkness and smote the woman mightly. The group began to recover from the damage inflicted

An attempt to tempt Asgar

Aria 15-16 501 4th age

The group left the area where they fought the Leucrotta and headed around the headwaters of the Thunder River. They then turned south and made it to the Hollow Leg. The Leg had guests, one of which the group knew, Davor, the half Orc inquisitor of Cyric. He was there with some of his followers and a woman dressed in red.

Vesna, was her name and she attempted to tempt Asgar from the group. The group remembered that the two guys that had tried to poison the holy pond were hired by two women with accents. Asgar, to his credit stood strong against the advances of the lady. Rebuffed she left for her room as well as Davor. While the group was in the bar, a creature appeared outside the leg. The group defeated it with ease, leaving some to suspect that it was some sort of distraction. However nothing more appeared during the night.

The group left the next morning as Severin wanted to push into the interior of Chimorrow to find out how Verigas was freed from his imprisonment spell. As the group moved through the hills to the south, they ran into centaurs who relayed that there have been comings and goings with a man dressed in black and two women, one of whom fit the description of the lady that they had met the day before.

into the fray

Aria 11-14 5014th age

The group left with Severin Darkwine return to Chimorrow. Nic stayed behind dealing with some business. The Thunder River region was flooded so the group needed to take a more northern route to cross at the beginning of the river. The group crossed a road near Coalmore and ran into a group of loggers who had helped out the folks of Coalmore by erecting temporary structures. They were from Millpine. The group had a discussion with them and moved on.

The group reached the hills and settled down for the night. They were awaken by the screams of a woman. The group investigated and found creatures that could imitate the scream and were attacked by them. The group prevailed without too much damage.


Aria 6-10 501 4th age

The group was awoken early in the morning by a clanging of alarms. The Thunder river was threatening to overfill its banks because of a combination of a large snowfall in the winter and a rapid heat up in the spring. The group debated for a period to help the citizens who were in general fleeing the town for higher ground. It was decided to leave and the group took three of the prisoners with them.

the journey to Glascow was uneventful. The group met with Fletcher Crispus about the various situations after dropping off the prisoners. Fletcher was in a meeting with Ormsby, a priest of Torm and Severin Darkwine, a priest of Helm. They were discussing the return of Verigas, a wizard of a previous age that had been imprisoned but somehow freed himself.

It was decided that Severin would go to Chimorrow, with help to try to put Verigas back into his imprisonment. Asgar and the group decided to head back with the priest. There was however a uncomfortable time for Dolanar who was questioned about Caleb Bartow’s behavior and his appearance in Borderland Gap.

buying the mine?

Aria 5-6 501 4th age

the thugs looked at the group and were making crude and nasty remarks when Asgar decided that he had enough and scared the thugs into leaving the tavern. A discussion followed, Nic made a suggestion to buy the mines. Asgar seized on that idea as a way to take care of the strife that was going on.

Asgar and Nora along with Phillip left to speak with Mathias, Nic and Dolanar decided to remain in the tavern while Orlen went back to the barn to comfort his boar. The thugs came back in they felt that they could pick on the small ones of the group. In the meantime Asgar and Nora spoke with Mathias and offer and counter offer ensued until Mathias agreed to a price.

the thugs took action against Dol and Nic. It wasn’t pretty for the thugs. Nic took out four of them with searing light and burning hands while they couldn’t touch him. Dol took out a couple of others,including the leader of the group Thaddeus.

The thug group was just surrendering when Asgar and Nora showed up. They were then marched to the town jail.

mine strike

Aria 4-5 501 4th age

The group left Borderland Gap and took the northern route through Coalmore. As the group approached the town, they heard and noticed that there were several men standing about watching a single man beating another man up. Asgar moved into the circle demanding to know what was going on. The man being beat was Phillip, a leader of the striking miners, the bully never identified himself. Asgar stopped the fight and the group went to the mining pit, the local tavern. Asgar took his prisoners to the jail where they were billed for keeping the prisoners.

At the mining pit, they heard about what was going on, the miners went on strike after an accident killed four of the miners. Mathias came into the tavern, Asgar and Nora had previous encounters with him. Mathias spoke of the contract that the miners had signed and that the strike was unlawful, that he had other people that he reported to and about the prisoners that asgar had brought in. He left about the same time that phillip came in, followed shortly by the group that had beat him up before.


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